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Looking Ahead to 2017 in Assetto Corsa

Kunos Simulazioni has released an interesting new development blog, detailing some of the content & features coming to their Assetto Corsa title in the brand new year.

Kunos Simulazioni has released an interesting new development blog, detailing some of the content & features coming to their Assetto Corsa title in the brand new year.

Players can look forward to plenty of new content in 2017, including what sounds like a very unique fictional track projects, the details of which you can find below:

Well, we are going to surprise you in 2017. With new features and content, new DLCs as well free bonus cars and tracks. The latest PC build of Assetto Corsa introduced the customized championship, a very appreciated feature that will be explicit even better in future, and that will be extended also to the console version. At the moment, the team is working on private lobbies that will allow gamers to create their own races with their friends and create leagues. Also, we’ll continue to work to improve the control customization on console.

While you wait to get your hands on these new features, you will have a lot of fun with some new content: the Porsche Pack Vol. 3 will land on PS4 and XB1 as soon as possible, but it will not come alone. Let’s talk about tracks, shall we? The operations and logistics needed to bring the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in Assetto Corsa needed more time than supposed, and while we confirm you will finally put your wheels on this iconic track within half 2017, we’ll keep you busy with a new – surprising – circuit, created from scratch and designed to meet your requests.

In fact, since the “ideal” circuit doesn’t exist in the real world, we created it. Do you like city tracks? Drift layouts? Endurance courses? Then you will get all of them, with a new circuit, that will be available as free bonus content, in 4 different configurations, ideally placed in Scotland and created in partnership with Nvidia and Sparco. This track will allow you to enjoy each car included in Assetto Corsa, from the very little and quiet Abarth 595 to the racing cars designed for endurance racing, to the GT cars you are enjoying so much. We’ll unveil more details very soon, our aim is to release it within the Q1 2017.

It’s time also for some new free bonus cars, like the Mazda 787B, the Miata NA, the new Maserati Quattroporte and the new Audi TT.  Then, we’ll be back with a new awesome “British Pack” that will bring you the latest line-up from McLaren, Lotus and maybe, something more. After that, we’ll welcome you again in our beautiful Italy, the Country of Alfa Romeo, Maserati and the Ferrari. Yes, the Ferrari: As you might know, in 2017 we will celebrate 70 years of the most iconic automotive Brand, and we’ll do it in our style, with seven of the most iconic and famous models created in Maranello. You can already start to think about your favourite ones, because you will have the chance to vote for it!

We’ve also started to work to create some new and solid basis for the future. Assetto Corsa is so much more we ever imagined, and our company has grown so much since we founded it. In the last period we worked  to grow, evolve and improve our teamwork and logistics. Taking advantage of the maintenance operations that will involve the Vallelunga circuit for all of 2017, we are now putting the final touches together to open a new studio, still close to the Autodromo di Vallelunga, but with dedicated areas for VR, testing, multiplayer and R&D, that will allow us to work better! We will also be able to invite our guests, customers and gamers to an environment specifically designed for the production of racing games and simulations. This means there might be the possibility to invite our fans and supporters to our studio to discover what is in progress, and for massive testing, without the limitations imposed in a locations designed mainly for track activities.

So, another exciting year is approaching, but we haven’t told you everything yet! All of this wouldn’t have been possible without your dedication, support and -let me say- love for what we have done here. Believe me, the passion we see every day around Assetto Corsa, through these years, have given us the determination to work at our best even when things are not easy, and especially when we have faced some tricky challenges.

  • Jovica Ilic

    More Ferraris!!!

    • Rolando Tillit

      What do you think? Dino, Testarrosa, 308, an official F2002, F12 TdF, 275 GTB, 288 GTO

      • Jovica Ilic

        Well, that’s a nice list my friend 😀

      • Adrian Herrera

        They do have some data from Ferrari Virtual Academy.. I think it was the 2009 and 2010 F1 cars?

  • anonymouse

    So, the “ideal track” is basically Lienz and Toban from rF1.

    • Traumahound

      If it’s as good as those two legends, I’m happy!

    • melanieuk1

      Got to give credit to ISI, they have given permission for Two of their tracks to be converted to Assetto corsa, and not the two you mentioned.
      Developers love each other, but each of their fans hate each other, all’s fair in love and war.

      The track in the picture, to me one looks like a hill climb track [Not shown here], the other some sort of street racing circuit.

      • anonymouse

        You missed the point.

        It’s as if they’re advertising this as something revolutionary or never done before, a fictional track that can feature several layouts to be raced on with all kinds of cars, but that’s something ISI did 11 years ago already and all the other games have done it aswell.

      • melanieuk1

        So what that’s your point, I’m still giving ISI credit for allowing modders to convert their tracks.

    • quf

      I never raced in those tracks, so what you’re saying is meaningless to my future experience with this track.

      • melanieuk1

        And many others future experience, the only difference is that with Kunos you know you’re getting A1 2017 quality modelled circuit content, no cartoon look a like quality and over saturated.

  • Piotr Mack

    I don’t like they will partnership with Nvidia… uasaly this mean bad news for AMD

    • Paul Maguire

      So buy Nvidia, problem solved 🙂

    • Andrea Candini

      They had nVidia support since v1.0, when nVidia published on its website 3D screens of the game, so I think there’s no reason to worry about this years later. 😉

  • Noah Themins

    Good to see the continued support, growth and improvements. Looking forward to more Brits and Italians. 🙂

  • Mike Cantwell

    Great stuff. Would love to see a laser scanned Bathurst some time too….

    • Rolando Tillit

      That or LeMans, if they have a laser scanned LeMans drop on July along with an Audi R18…

  • Patrik Marek

    laser scanned laguna seca will be great! thanks for that. I never thought I would see it in AC

    • Den Burnout

      Ironic to me as I find myself often thinking with each sim, ‘Not yet ANOTHER Laguna Seca!!” and lately since I’ve driven it in so many find it familiar territory found myself wishing for an AC version. Just can’t please us eh? lol.

  • Den Burnout

    Looking forward to it.

  • Rolando Tillit

    “Then, we’ll be back with a new awesome “British Pack” that will bring you the latest line-up from McLaren, Lotus and maybe, something more.”

    Aston Martin? BAC? Ariel? 2016 McLaren Honda?

    675LT is a given, maybe P1 GTR? As for Lotus, 410 and 400? Exige 370 sport?

    • Brownninja97 .

      as for lotus its the 3 11

  • Haris Tiger

    give us formula 1 cars on ps4

  • Kev

    Will never understand the emphasis on cars over tracks. Will never understand street cars over race cars. Will never understand cars that are similar over cars that are different. Here is all I need for cars:

    Late ’60s OW and tin top
    Early ’70s OW and tin top
    Modern F3 and tin top (only for online because no one drives historics)

    For each of the above 2 or 3 different cars with different strengths would be good ; especially for championship where some faster on some tracks and others faster on other tracks.

    Also for each of the above BOP vs realistic / non-BOP

    TRACKS are a different story! Can never have enough tracks.

    Also, AI can never be too good.

    Racing features can never be too numerous.

    Sadly, the clear console/Forza/arcade focus is persistent.

    • Noah Themins

      I’ll help you understand the street cars over race cars. If this sim was all, or mostly race cars, I would not own it. I could care less about the race cars, I do like the classics though. But I won’t moan and complain that race cars are in the game, and there are a lot.

      I agree we could use more tracks.

      • McClusky

        @noah – I totally agree and its why I’m playing more AC than anything else.

      • Kev

        How does that help me to understand? So you say you like street cars over race cars because you like street cars over race cars? But since you like the classics I wonder if you are like me in that you like street cars over MODERN race cars and if so I’m with you on the because street cars are more like classic race cars than crap modern race cars are.

    • gt3rsr

      You’re right. Kunos just decided to pander to all those gran turismo / tuning / fast and furious / jalopnik / “car culture” fanboys so they could sell more copies.
      Road cars are BS. Boring, slow, uninspiring. Road cars are meant for public roads, not for racing ffs!

      • Chessiah

        I don’t know about you, but the most fun I have had online is racing road cars rather than race cars ( talking only about new models of race cars love the old ones ).

      • gt3rsr

        You’re right that I’d rather drive e.g. Ferrari 250 GTO than a modern GT3 racecar anytime. But that’s not what I exactly meant. Road legal supercars have always been fun, because they’re close to race cars. What I meant are all the Miatas, BMWs and so on…

  • Agony

    raceroom and Assetto is everything

  • Ronald Romero

    AC on console is trash…grafx, tearing, last gen everything, i traded it in in 1 hr, horrible, yes realisnn in driving is there, all else is lacking,

    • quf

      The last time you played AC on console was in the summer? Since then several updates happened and more are already planned, along with content that has been released on pc.
      Is possible today you’d have another idea of the game.

      Use the official forums of AC on console to learn more about the game since has been updated, or make a new thread about what was improved and what is there to come

    • Massimiliano Bellomo

      Look, everyone can have his own opinion, fair enough. I think AC is simply the best racing sim on the marker. It’s a driving game, what matters are the driving sensation it gives, not the menus, not the grass, not the trees not the weather or the day time. And in driving sensation it is simply the best. You feel the car, the asphalt under the wheels like in no other games. Of course it must be played with a wheel, but this should be obvious….would you really drive a car with a pad ? So imho this is the best racing sim, and it’s getting better and better after each update. So long life to AC! 😉

  • Chillisteak

    Nice little post, thumbs up from me Kunos.