A Look At What’s Coming up For RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios have given us a little insight of what players can expect from their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Among the improvements coming up is virtual reality support as R3E is one of the few titles not offering any VR functionality yet. Players can also look forward to a new flag system, manual pitstops, AI improvements, different tyre compounds, new data displays & physic improvements.

Sector3 is also overhauling the multiplayer functionality, including player rankings and a licensing system.

Content-wise, five new previews gives us an idea what to expect, showing off the DW 12 Dallara Indycar, the BMW M6 GT3 as well as what looks like the Formula RaceRoom FR1 open wheeler to top off the title’s open-wheel ladder.


  • http://batman-news.com Leeman

    Looks good. I really like this sim. They previewed the Mercedes AMG GT3 awhile back but I haven’t heard of or seen it since. I hope that gets released soon to update the GT3 series.

    • Bulle

      AFAIK the AMG GT3 will still need a bit. They are currently working on the 3D-model, but the McLaren 650 and BMW M6 will be released first, followed by the Audi R8 LMS which is already modelled, as some previews in the last Devstream shows.

  • Richard Hessels

    R3E is one of the few titles not offering any VR functionality yet???
    Also Automobilista,rFactor 2, F1 2016 & Forza don’t have VR support yet.
    Thats more than half of all the current simrace titles available on the PC.

    • f2004

      There’s no need for VR just now it cost a lot of money and basically nobody cares of it enough. What they should do is change the game economical model, now you just have to pay for everything and i don’t think that’s quite working for them now. And remember that compared with a couple of years ago when the competition was almost none we pass to a 2016 with Rf2, Pcars, Assetto, forza and Automobilista. As far as I see there are too many sims or semi sims right now and it will be a matter of time to see one of them disappear. If I’ll have to bet Pcars and assetto will survive with forza of course but the rest are a big big question mark.

  • Markus Ott

    Any word on when they will switch to the new engine? All of those pics were edited to make them look better than R3E can offer. Even Sector3 seems to realize the change is very needed.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Look forward to any new content and features from S3S.

  • Agony

    R3E has by far the best ffb effects that I have tried gearing engine abs and many more also the physics look good not like Assetto for sure but really fun to drive. I would say that a new graphics engine would be great but … then again all the other good sims( except assetto) Automobilista rf2 iracing look bad so.. I guess it’s OK for now. I am not saying about forza gt or project cars for obvious reasons.

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