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Longford 1967 for rFactor 2 – First Preview Video

After perfecting the rFactor version for a long time, Woochoo is now bringing his Longford 1967 track to rFactor 2.

After perfecting the rFactor version for a long time,Β Woochoo is now bringing his Longford 1967 track to rFactor 2.

Below is a first video of the historical track in the new environment, featuring first rain-racing action on the Tasmanian circuit. The video shows the 0.7 version of the rFactor 2 version as Woochoo is still busy improving a lot of aspects before the release.

Located outside of Longford, Longford Circuit was a 7 kilometer race track on the Australian island of Tasmania. The circuit opened in 1953 and was operational until 1968, its layout included nine corners, the scenic circuit included a railway crossing as well as a bridge and a viaduct.

  • Victor Harris Jr.

    Looks great! Thank you!

  • Ricoo

    Nice work. A must have. πŸ™‚

  • Peter Margerison

    Oh great, i remember the long patient wait for when this fist was announced for rFactor, watching every update, drooling over the keyboard in anticipation for it’s release, and not disappointed when it was, but now to be tortured with waiting again, ahhhhh woochoo, will be worth the wait, again, lol, πŸ˜‰ .

  • Steve Shears

    Great work. Looks lovely doesn’t it? Real atmosphere.

  • woochoo

    Thanks guys πŸ™‚
    Amongst other things I’ve done some more work on the overcast hdr profile since then, so there will be much less blowing out of the whites.
    You can keep an eye on progress here:

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for everything you do !
      This is some serious dedication, you even tell us the stories for full immersion…
      You are a real artist, sir ! Respect…

  • Rantam

    I love this rF1 track, and having it in rF2 is going to be even better. Thanks Woochoo! πŸ™‚

  • Keijo

    Rain sound effects seem to be too loud, a lot louder than engine.

    • woochoo

      yeah, that’s just my in-game volume settings

  • Ed Luna

    Fantastic, but does is today’s technology still prohibit the rain effects from whipping into the cockpit? It’s like the interior is not effected and is like a closed cockpit car in these weather conditions. Thank you for sharing this preview video.

  • scott clements

    We were at the Longford Festival last year running the #45 FX Holden which run originally at Longford in the 60’s driven by Geoff Munyard and again last year by him after 11 months of restoration to the original racecar (we ended up with the fastest early holden for the weekend at 104 MPH over 600 metres. Was a great event and also great to see you set up there with the sim and the old Longford track set up. Many people were interested in trying it but scared of making an embarassment of themselves!!! πŸ™‚ Hope you have it sorted for next year as there is a very good chance it will be on, there is currently works in progress to see if it is possible to make it viable next year without Octagon stepping in and making a mess of it. Great work, looking forward to the release.

    Oh and you’re release for the first rFactor actually has the #45 FX Holden (red) sitting on the other side of the fence in the pits on the left as you are exiting!!! Top Stuff