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Longford 1967 0.97 for rF2 – Released

woochoo has released a new version of his historical Longford 1967 track for rFactor 2.

woochoo has released a new version of his historical Longford 1967 track for rFactor 2.


– Road: New T1/main textures.
– Road: Small texture changes and increased resolution, and modified material settings for detail textures.
– Road: Some variation to road edge geometry.
– Road: Some small adjustments to road camber and crown.
– Road: Some reduction of the more extreme bumps.
– Road: Added some road surface repair patches.
– Road: Higher polygon density in some corners (makes more precise RealRoad effects).
– Road Lines: Some changes in resolution, normal maps, and material settings of decal lines.
– Road Lines: Added small, fictional yellow paint markers to the yellow pitlane line to indicate pit-in/pit-out for speed limits.
– Roadside Kerbs/Gutter: Updated some textures and increased some resolutions.
– Terrain: Initial implementation of new terrain shader (from rF2 build 860)
– Terrain: Mostly new textures.
– Terrain: Added geometry to some verge edges for variation and texture lerping.
– Terrain: Some verges have changed from grass to gravel.
– Terrain: Added shadow casting meshes for some steeper terrain areas, and global sun-blocker, to improve morning/afternoon lighting.
– Terrain: Added some basic terrain reflection meshes where appropriate.
– River: Added geometry to river and river shore, to improve mapping and appearance.
– River: Adjusted water textures and material properties.
– Trainlines: New trainline meshes, adjusted textures, added specular and normal mapping.
– Viaduct: New Model (more polys, more pixels, more precise).
– Pub: Some small upgrades to textures and material.
– Pit Building: Some basic stopgap updates to the pit building (a new mesh is planned in the future).
– Control Tower: Some quick and basic texture adjustments.
– Water Tower: Higher resolution texture, and material adjustments.
– Culverts: New models for Viaduct, Tannery Straight, and Newry Road culverts.
– Roadside Marker Posts: Replaced with new models and textures (including reflectors).
– Hay Bales: Textures retoned and higher resolution.
– Fences: New wire texture for fences (includes rusty barbed wire).
– Fences: Added normal mapping to some fence elements, and increased texture resolution for some fences.
– Fences: Adjusted Fence collisions outside of Turn 1 to reduce severity of 3-wide AI incidents at the start of a race.
– Trees: Rearranged some poplar trees after Newry Corner.
– Trees: Fixed some broken shading on some trees.
– Trees: Removed self-shadowing from trees (in some ways it’s better, in some ways it’s worse).
– Trees: Fixed some Z-fighting on some distant trees.
– Trees: Replaced some tree walls with massed X-trees.
– Sponsor Banners: Adjusted some textures and added specular and normal maps to some banners.
– Lights: Shortened attenuation of streetlights and floodlights.
– Shadow Meshes: Removed some old-style dummy shadow meshes from some buildings (now using the visible mesh to cast some shadows).
– AIW: Adjusted fast path on Tannery Straight to reduce AI crashes in wet conditions (some may still occur when low-grip cars are side by side).
– AIW: Some adjustments to create (a quite subtle, hacky) wind shear reverb effect on power poles.
– Physics: Some changes to physics of movable objects (hay bales, marker posts, signs)
– Indy Aero: Included VehicleConfig.ini to force Indy DW12 to use Roadcourse aero package.
– Optimisation: Some batching and adjustments to some draw distances may produce small FPS improvements.

Located outside of Longford, Longford Circuit was a 7 kilometer race track on the Australian island of Tasmania. The circuit opened in 1953 and was operational until 1968, its layout included nine corners, the scenic circuit included a railway crossing as well as a bridge and a viaduct.

[boxdownload]Download Longford 1967 0.97 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]

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