Lola T280 UH1 for rFactor 2 – New Video Trailer

PIXSIM has released a new video trailer of their Lola T280 UH1 for rFactor 2.

The historical prototype will be available quite soon, until then you can feast your eyes on the video below to shorten the waiting time.

The T280 was build to the Group 6 regulations for sports prototypes, the car is powered by a 3 liter Cosworth DFV engine, delivering 450hp.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised no comments yet.. cars like this are exactly what I’m looking forward most to in rF2, I’m sure eventually we’ll have all the great historic stuff we had/have in rF1, it will take a while a few years. Nice to see something in action and ready to play instead of just teasing screens like everyone else 🙂

  • Roger

    Looks and sounds great!

    Would be nice to see the cockpit views as well but I guess that is still more WIP.

    Really looking forward to some racing with this car soon!! 🙂

  • kr1nz
    • Anonymous

      Awesome!!! How did the guy(s) who made it managed to sneak Pink Floyds in the vid without copyrights warning and sound muting though!?

    • Joe Grover

      Yeah! Did you notice the text for the video that it says to watch under your Christmas tree on Dec. 25th? Ahhhh… ooooo…guh…

  • Ricoo

    Should be fun for close racing. 🙂

  • Dani .

    Sadly RF2 continues wtih bee sound, when cars passsing.

  • Frans Brink
  • Coolness

    Where i can found Monza 66′ ? Isn’t installedon my rFactor2, i don’t know why :S And for the modLola T280, Monza 66 must be installed

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