Lola T280 UH1 for rFactor 2 – New Previews

PIXSIM has released new previews of their Lola T280 UH1 for rFactor 2.

The new previews give us a closer look at the car’s damage model and some racing action from Sebring.

The mod was presented at a simulation expo in Paris earlier this year, click here for a video of the car in action.

The T280 was build to the Group 6 regulations for sports prototypes, the car is powered by a 3 liter Cosworth DFV engine, delivering 450hp.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Nice, but some deformation would make a big difference.

  • Professional Operator

    As long as model is high quality, who cares about deformations.

    There’s always Burnout if you want to have fun with crashes.

  • Roger

    Looks good, this should be a fun car to drive. Just enough power and grip, not too fast and certainly not slow!

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