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Logitech – Working On Playstation 4 Drivers

Logitech has confirmed to be working on the Playstation 4 drivers of their steering wheels.

Steering wheel support on next-gen consoles has been a hot topic ever since Microsoft announced that the Xbox One won’t be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 wheels.

Things are looking much brighter for sim racers on the Playstation 4 as Logitech has confirmed to be currently working on Playstation 4 drivers for their trusted G27 wheel on Twitter recently.

@LBTRecords we’re still working on PS4 support. updates will be posted to the forums when there is news.

Whether or not other Logitech wheels will be made compatible as well has not been confirmed, support for older models like the G25 is likely giving past Playstation compatability though.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    Good news however what about a new G29?

    • kahel grahf

      I don’t see logitech aiming to the high end 600€ price range product (unfortunately)…which make a g29 pointless…but i’d like to see logitech prove me wrong.

      • Evandro Nakazone

        I think I would be very impressed with a G29 set up composed of Wheel, pedas, and gear shift, I have a G27 now and ould sure change it to use with P.Cars, PS4, and the new version of G on my cockpit, and of course lets not forget the Morpheus, for the first time we will be really inside of the car.

  • Roger Wallentin

    That is excellent news! Then hopefully we will be able to drive GT7 on Fanatec and Logitec wheels!

    It’s such a huge shame MS pulled backwards compatibility with 360 wheels! Totally ruins FM5!

  • Chima Madujibeya

    Driving Force GT, a wheel licensed for Gran Turismo 5 (I own both of the afore mentioned) would also make sense if only to appease loyal owners of said wheel and game who will likely when its released, also buy Gran Turismo 7.

  • Alan Dallas

    2013 3rd Qtr Financials report from Logitech confirmed they are dropping all development of Future Controller R&D/Support for Console Gaming systems. From the way it read they will continue supporting current hardware until the company starts showing better profitability. Good news is the 1st Qtr Report had a very positive forward looking prospectus. If they can keep up the momentum they could very well re-enter the Controller market with something new beginning in 2015.