Logitech G25 Button Mod – Video

Logitech’s G25 steering wheel has been modded in several ways by clever sim racers, applying new wheels, displays or increasing the force feedback strength.

A rather different and much simpler mod comes from Jorge Okamoto who came up with his own way of solving an often heard complaint about the wheel having not enough buttons

His simple and cost-effective solution consists of a small keypad that is fixed to the wheel. Even though this isn’t the most realistic looking solution, it does the trick for those who are missing buttons to map features to.

[youtube iLyZFlFIZhA nolink]


  • Jack_NL

    Cool 🙂

  • Jack_NL

    Cool! 🙂

  • ScHiRoCk

    I do not see the point of this, but hey who am i :happy:

  • Gaiajohan

    Hmm 900 deg seems to be impossible with that wire.. Also I don’t think adding some velcro on the wheel is a mod.. But hey, if the owner of that wheel has an advantage with this I’m happy for him :).

  • Sbbrubles

    Does this work in GTR Evo? My friend tried and he told me that the game does not allow tp map this keys… Says that they are “RESERVED KEYS”.

  • Gaiajohan

    Yes, the keys from numpad are used for chase cam to go left/right/up/down etc in Simbin games.. And as far as I know also in rF

  • Sbbrubles

    I know that. What I want to know is if there is a way to map the mini keypad keys for other funcions since I dont need to control the cameras from my wheel 🙂

  • samuelkorthof

    I am a big rF fan with a g25 wheel. I was always looking for a solution for the lack of buttons on the wheel. I already installed the numpad like this and it works fantastic. People who say that the keys can’t be reassigned to other functions in rF can not find the control settings in rF. I do not experience problems al keys can be reassigned. Also the cord does not give any problems with 900 degrees and i also do not know a racing car that has 900 degrees steering lock. To support my story I posted a picture http://www.upload-jpg.com/view_thumb/e71591843/Numpadong25.jpg

  • Sbbrubles

    As I said, I’m looking for a solution for GTR Evo, not rFactor!

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