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Logitech – End of An Era In Sim Racing?

Following a significant drop in sales and profit, Logitech has announced to phase out several product categories, including console peripherals.

Following a significant drop in sales and profit, Logitech has announced to phase out several product categories, including console peripherals.

“We have also identified a number of product categories that no longer fit with our current strategic direction,” CEO Bracken P. Darrell commented. “As a result, we have initiated the process to divest our remote controls and digital video security categories, and we plan to discontinue other non-strategic products, such as speaker docks and console gaming peripherals, by the end of Calendar Year 2013.”

While this certainly is bad news for the console community, it may also put Logitech’s line of sim racing wheels in jeopardy. While the current G27 isn’t a console peripheral as such, it also works on the Playstation 3 and it remains to be seen whether it will be included in the cut.

Whatever the outcome will be, Logitech has been neglecting racing games for quite a while. Some 7-8 years ago, Logitech was the key player in terms of steering wheels as their Momo & Momo Force wheel captured significant market share, followed by the very successful G25.

Since then, the company has lost massive ground to old and new competitors. While both Fanatec and Thrustmaster have been pushing innovation on the steering wheel market for the benefit of sim racers world wide, Logitech’s response to the new competition has been more than lukewarm. The G27 was more or less a slight refresh of the popular G25 and ever since its release, there have been no indications that Logitech is working on any new serious sim racing wheel.

It looks as if sim racers waiting for a successor might have to switch to another brand sooner or later as well…

  • Marcel Offermans

    And this is the original press release that contained these statements: which seems to state that in general Logitech is not investing much more in a declining PC market, focussing its efforts on a strongly growing tablet (accessory) market instead. Given Logitech’s financial status, I think it makes sense for them to do this and leave racing wheels to the small, niche players.

  • Chris Wright

    This is a slightly vague announcement, but potentially extremely bad news for the community. Almost certainly the end of the line for the DFGT, which brings tremendous value to the entry level simmer. The G27 is extremely well priced for what is essentially a high end PC steering device, but its future is a little more hopeful, assuming the high flyers at Logitech actually appreciate the difference between a console and PC gaming peripheral…

    Logitech has tremendous high street visibility and their possible complete departure from this area of business means that our hobby may be a lot less likely to pick up casual simmers who may buy wheels on impulse in stores.

    I really love my G27 and sincerely hope that the current fears are misplaced.

    • Marcel Offermans

      It’s hard to speculate on such announcements, but after reading the full press release (see link above) I get the feeling that Logitech is not going to invest in the PC market as a whole very much because they see it becoming smaller and smaller. The growth is in tablet peripherals. It might mean the end for all low-end, mass produced wheels, or it might be an opportunity for another player to take over this market. Time will tell.

    • SlowPilot

      Well said! I have owned and used a DFP, DFGT, and a G27. Logitech helped in my progression into simracing by having economically priced wheels. If Logitech stops making and selling wheels I hope, for the sake of up can coming sim and console racers, that another company can fill this vacuum.

      • Chris Wright

        Thrustmaster is the obvious candidate, but their lower end wheels have never been as well regarded as the Logitech equivalents.

  • LazyJK

    Bad news since as far as I am aware the DFGT was the only decent quality 900 degree wheel on the market in the lower price bracket. Everything else is noticeably more expensive. When my DFGT gives up the ghost I will have a problem since I’m not ready to spend more than X on something that in essence is a gaming peripheral.

    • Chris Wright

      Might be worth buying a spare, as there may be price reductions if it is to be discontinued. I totally agree with you – all the DF series have been wonderful wheels and absolutely the best value for money.

  • GamerMuscle

    “Logitech has been neglecting racing games for quite a while. ”

    No the only issue is they made the best controller for the price and any innervation would cost more in production pricing them out of there market.

    When looking at what you get for the cost the G25 is an insane product , its only real flaw is lack of buttons on the wheel , which they then fixed with the G27.

    Granted the peddles could be slighty better , but I cannot think of a product that works as well and is as solidly built as the G25 and costs so little.

  • Marcus Caton

    Sad but innevera,
    I still have a working G25 and using my G27, i have 6 other logitech products and they all work great a year+ from purchase, so logitech is their own worse enemy, with that said a company like that with great long lasting products should never chase profits with the other boys.

    • DDD II

      True about the build quality but because of that I have a Logitech wheel, mouse, keyboard, speakers. I have upgraded the keyboard, mouse and speakers over the years and I am shopping right now for a Logitech headset so I am a true Logitech fan. I obviously don’t buy every year for myself because what I have works great but I do purchase multiple Logitech products as birthday and Christmas presents every year. Hopefully we will see them provide for the PC for years to come.

  • Big Ron

    I am wondering, how their G27 and gaming- keyboard will look at an Apple iPad or iPhone.

  • Alex Ventura

    I dont think “console periphals” means they will drop the wheel. I would bet they will keep their whole G series stuff.

  • Nabil Abdool

    sad news indeed, my T500 crashed after 6 months of use. Sent it in for repairs and guess what? back to the old G25 🙂 and she feels as solid as the day i bought her! ordered a Chilicoke adapter and ready for many solid years ahead! you never really get over the ex lol

    • Chris Wright

      Sorry to hear of your issues with the 500. You’re right about Logitech build quality – it’s absolutely second to none, My old DFP has done tens of thousands of virtual miles and still feels as robust as the day I bought it, even though it is now semi-retired in favor of the G27.

  • David Wright

    From Tom’s Hardware

    “We are NOT exiting PC gaming, only console accessories,” Logitech confirmed on Twitter. “PC gaming continues to be a priority for the company.”

    And as stated, also out the door will be the company’s line of console peripherals. These have seemingly already disappeared from Logitech’s site save for the G27 and Driving Force GT racing wheels which are compatible with the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. Most of what Logitech offers now is focused on Windows and Mac-based gaming.

    • Chris Wright

      Well spotted and that appears to be good news for us PC simmers.

  • Anonymous

    This is old and as such has been clarified – They will STILL make PC GAMING peripherals. Don’t panic or cry just yet.

    See here:

    What annoys me more is their pricing stance between uk and america – i have seen the g27 for sale at $200 on us amazon but at the same time in the uk it is £230 😐 Even more when you consider that the g25 was £120 and that it even was reduced to £100 at one point – I should have bought it then.

    Seriously, it was $200 for ages, creeping to $190 at one point. Here it has mostly been £230 and sometimes £210.

    Well do the maths, $200 dollars to pounds is: £127.5 according to todays conversion.

    Add tax: 127.5 * 1.2 = £153

    Yet we have to pay £77 ($120.8) more than that just for the insult that we are from europe. And this is assuming amazon us prices don’t include tax? So this is a best case scenario.
    That is a great way to attract my custom.

    Shame fanatec hates europe with its pricing too – even if you factor in tax, we as still extremely ripped off. Even more sad is that they are a european company. That said, for £230 you’d be much better off getting a gt3rs v2 with clubsport elite pedals bundle than a g27.

    Sure you don’t get a shifter but the shifter is pretty rubbish for both anyway, and you can just use an old joystick + jtohshifter or whatever it is called to make your own.

    Also, with a ffb joystick, it would be potentially possible to make it so that you could actually get the joystick to “fall out of gear” or “not go into gear” in the first place, something i am surprised no one has done yet cos it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard with the right plugin in game.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      Directly from logitech i’ve never seen the G27 cheaper than it is now, it used to be £299 (or $299)
      Right now the US site still has the wheel at $299, so I’m not sure if your complaint is valid. it’s £249 vs. $299 (I’d take a belt-driven fanatec for much less anyhow at those prices)

      The best way to get the wheels cheaper has always been from other outlets, something Fanatec products do not benefit from.

      • Chris Wright

        I picked up my G27 direct from Amazon a few months ago for $199.99 – a fantastic deal.

      • Anonymous

        But I was specifically referring to buying from amazon.

        Nobody buys directly from logitech, that would be a stupid idea as they hugely mark things up on their own site.

        I don’t see why you quote logitech’s site’s prices in terms of trying to ‘shoot me down’ and then go on to say you can get them cheaper elsewhere – er I was suggesting that in the first place.

        The prices i quote are accurate – recently, uk has been cheapest around £200 – 190, american prices around $200 – 190:

      • StarFoXySxv550

        sorry, I missed the amazon part. But, that’s just the way the world works, it’s like that with most products around the world. People often travel to France from England to buy alcohol in bulk because it’s cheaper, even after travel expenses, exchange rates and and taxes usually aren’t the only factors to think about.

  • Anonymous

    I think the direction (or invasion) of the mass-market race sims is party to blame as well. Which you might think sounds stupid, but consider just the PC platform and consider G25’s were shipped with rFactor1 disc’s in the box (a sim last patched/supported in 2007)

    NFS Shift was the only game that could have possibly woken a dormant PC market and it was marketed with “pros” using xbox gamepads I remember. Fail. The only modern title Logitech was relying on since that time was GT5. 1 product supporting an entire line up of wheels. It’s obvious and said over and over, but I say it again anyway, the wheels are niche items for a niche marketplace and the future is grim.

    Realistically, rF2 and AC you can count out straight away, they’re not going to be known outside of our community let alone bring mass purchases of new wheels. If Logitech supports both next generation consoles (which it will have too) there’s a future there for a new racing wheel, but it won’t be a G27 replacement. Why? Because product wise it’s going to be the same sad story.

    I say it now, pCARs won’t save the day. Yes the wheel works, like every other racing game. Are the mass market going to flock to buy racing wheels to play it though? no. Same story with Forza.

    The thing is, nobody needs an expensive wheel to play these games any more. Like you knew back then, you needed a wheel to enjoy LFS and rFactor. Nowadays the culture has changed. People think you should be able to race competitively online with a gamepad, and the easy physics let you do so, by design! GT6 has the best chances tbh as it’s always been seen hand in hand with the G27, but it needs to go full on hardcore for the next instalment to keep up with the developments in physics power, which it won’t. So yeah. G29 looks to remain a pipe-dream. How very sad indeed.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      rFactor 1 and Gran tursimo were known about enough to be packed in with the G27 or have branded wheel, but rFactor 2, Forza or PCARS do not warrant enough interest to produce new logitech wheel products?

      What’s changed since rFactor 1? Personally I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here. Lets not forget the forza brand has it’s own line in branded wheels, one wheel in that line is much higher-end than the G27.

      My view is: The market just isn’t for logitech anymore, the fact they’re buying into the high-profit & easy sales market that is moblie-devices is proof of that, and they no longer interested in niche (if you can still can gran turismo niche) sector.

  • Ricoo

    Since when G25/G27 wheels are console peripherals (even if PS3 compatible)… laughable.

    • Chris Wright

      It all depends on how accurate Logitech’s statement was – but, as can be seen elsewhere on this thread, PC peripherals are not affected.

      • Ricoo

        Logitech statement was clear and precise. PC wheels are obviously not console peripheral. And why would they stop to sell the most successful wheels ever produce?

      • Anonymous

        Speaking of laughable…. I am willing to bet that more wheels are used on consoles than on PC. They have in the past partnered with GT, so sorry, I don’t buy your opinions shrouded as fact. Finally, do you really think that they are a source of significant income for Logitech, relative to their other peripherals? I bet the F310 game pad has alone outsold every wheel they have sold, combined.
        A company doesn’t look at their position relative to the competition, they look at the bottom line. You can sell 10x the competition, but if you are making 5% profits; it is gone.

      • Ricoo

        lol almost no console gamer use a wheel. Do you know 1 person who bought a wheel for a console?

      • PetrolheadDen

        I did originally.

      • Ricoo

        Yes we have the only one who did! 🙂

      • PetrolheadDen
      • StarFoXySxv550

        Loads of people have, Console racing games are the way many found out about PC sims and then and became involved, for some this is inconceivable though.

        I’ve seen tonnes of triple screen setups used soley for Forza.

        Here’s one: Triple 40’s, obutto, Buttkickers, CSR, Clubsports, DSD tiltons, and not a PC in sight.. yet

        Go to GTPlanet to find many similar setups.

      • Ricoo

        What a waste of money. lol

      • StarFoXySxv550

        You keep telling yourself whatever you’ve spent isn’t a waste, if that makes you happy..

      • Anonymous

        I did (original Driving Force Pro wheel that was the official GT wheel for PS2)….as did 2 of my friends. …and I happened to loose the pedals and went to a G25 and that died…and went to a GT3RS/CSP setup that has treated me well.

        Open you eyes and go take a look at GTPlanet, plenty of wheel users. No, they are not the majority, but you clearly live in a bubble.

      • Ricoo

        Cheap low cost wheel users

      • Anonymous

        The fact that you don’t know someone with a wheel and a console is irrelevant statistically. Get some hard data before trying to debate if you want to be taken seriously 😉

      • Ricoo

        I don’t want to debate.

      • Anonymous

        Because Logitech is no longer led by engineers but financers (psychopaths) like every other corporation. Forget about them, they’re as good as dead. Just the premise of things to come. Good ridance !

      • Ricoo

        Good riddance of all companies. Good idea, we will have a lot of choice like that.

  • Ricardo Costa

    I have 2 G25(one spare) but thanks to its great build quality I never needed the second(1st one is 6 years old…), for it’s price g25/27 its the best choice, plus its easily modable.

  • PetrolheadDen

    Sad news indeed. Once they’re gone unless we can afford the real high end wheels such as ECCI, Frex, etc, all we’ll have is Thrustmaster I suppose? And other then the T500, which myself I can’t afford, I’m not so sure their “lower down” wheels have the greatest rep. Not like Logitech at least. Maybe if we’re lucky someone will buy the current Logi wheels and continue them? We can dream! lol.

    • Ricoo

      Logitech won’t stop doing wheels and don’t bury them, Logitech is still well alive.

      • PetrolheadDen

        Not buried yet, lol. Hopefully they also won’t be. Funny I guess that I’ve never thought of the possibility of them not being there.

  • Roma Ljubchik

    One main reason why g27 is not such popular, is because g25 is still working and no problems with it!!!!(exept that leather in some places are totaly destroyed!!!( its like ak47, and g27 is newest model of it, but why do you need new, if old still works great!!!! My idea what Logitech must do, it to produce a completely new wheel that will as reliable as g25 and as good as Fanatec or Thrustmaster awesome Wheel!

  • mclaren777

    Losing $100 million on its Google TV gamble was what did it. 🙁

  • devotid

    I owe a lot to my old trusty G25…….. it sits on the shelf now….. but i learned a LOT on it. I hope they continue to bring new people into our wonderful hobby.

  • Steve30x

    Its time to buy a G27 just in case they no longer get made. I might buy two. Have the second one as a spare just in case.

  • rino demeulemeester

    Sad news. Time to pick up a spare G27. Build like a tank and easy moddible.
    Maybe they need to give the G27 a sexy makover 🙂

  • Paul Pantel

    there is a drop in sales because our current g27 or g25’s have not broken yet. when they do we will be looking for a newer logitech or if we have the money mabie buy a custom build one. but also dont forget that custom built ones are usualy based on a logitech aswell. dont really understand this, its like holden dropping the commodore because sales are down.

  • Grant Butler

    They’re too expensive, I’d buy for £150 but £250 is too much for me for a peripheral, would rather use a controller and buy a new gpu or something.