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Live for Speed 0.6H – Released

The Live for Speed Development Team has released a new version of their long-running simulation.

The Live for Speed Development Team has released a new version of their long-running simulation.

If you’re a regular VirtualR reader, you most likely know the drill: With each update, I stress that it does not contain any new or updated content but, wait for it, this one is actually different!

Version 0.6G introduces the updated Westhill track that comes with new layouts, improved scenery and more as you can check out below!


Westhill :

New version of Westhill with additional configurations
Full support for open configurations including access roads

Autocross Editor :

New adjustable concrete objects
Custom start positions and pit start points
Maximum autocross objects increased to 1800
Movable start lights included as an autocross object
Custom pit stop box disables pit lane and default pit stops
Custom pit stop box can now be used to repair car and refuel
Interface buttons now drawn in front of the object buttons
Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object is selected now moves it
Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object exists is now more helpful
Clicking colour instantly changes selected tyres or chalk
Clicking marshall position instantly changes selected marshall
Improved the appearance of marshall circles in the editor
Route checker index numbers now start at 1 instead of 0
The W/E keys instantly adjust width, no need to press M
Floating object buttons shown with different colour
X/Y/Z positions are now shown and can be typed in
Right click on X/Y/Z to move in steps of 1 metre
SHIFT+click to snap to 1 metre grid

Oculus Rift DK2 Rendering Misc :

Increased max cars in race from 32 to 40
Increased AU Autocross grid from 16 to 20
Increased BL Rallycross grids from 24 to 30
Maximum multiplayer car draw distance up from 300 to 500
Regenerated lightmaps and visible object lists on most tracks
Added paths at Fern Bay to cover road near Club and mini oval
InSim ISP_NCI packet added to give host more info about new guest
AI drivers hit wall entering pit lane at SO Classic / Town
Removed a corner marker from some configurations at Aston
Some tyres at Kyoto National disabled in other configs
Updated translations – thank you translators

[boxdownload]Download Live for Speed 0.6H Update Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Live for Spee 0.6H Full Version[/boxdownload]

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