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Live for Speed – VW Scirocco Video

Live for Speed – VW Scirocco Video

The annual Games Convention in Leipzig opened today and offers LfS fans a first chance to try out the simulation’s newest addon-car: The VW Scirocco.

The quickest driver will be rewarded with a real brand new VW Scirocco, those of you who can’t get to the German gaming convention can enjoy the video below which shows the car in-game.

[youtube _w5KAku9cwM nolink]

  • Stancke

    I don’t see any video in this post? (Firefox 3)

  • Montoya

    Hmm…must be your browser then, works fine on both Firefox 3 and Safari for me 😕

  • Werner

    I hope there will be more streetcars in LFS in the future, i might actually buy it then 😉

    i see the video no probs here in FF3 :mrgreen:

  • GeraArg


  • guy

    A Scirocco? Why even bother? The car was a POS when it was in production and I cant imagine why anyone would ever want to drive one in a sim.

    Why even bother with any VW in fact?