Live for Speed – Version Z25 Released

The Live for Speed Team has released a new version of their racing simulation, introducing the changes listed below.

The patch does not include the much anticipated VW Scirocco or the laser-scanned Rockingham track, the team wanted to share the improvements that have been made in the meantime to shorten the waiting times a little.

If you´re an existing LfS user, you can either obtain the patch by using the auto-update feature or download it below. A full version download is also available.


– Improved car shadows
– New wheel drawing system
– Improved road car dashboards
– ABS brakes on some road cars
– Improved and much faster List of Hosts
– Powerful and flexible multiple screen support

Download Live for Speed Version Z25 Patch Here

Download Live for Speed Version Z25 Full Version Here

  • felipe

    this sounds very very good what a weekend with many titles! great competition!

  • gtrNL

    Gonna try it out tomorrow, thanks for the heads up.

  • DevonK

    ABS braking – after how many years of development? :roll:

  • FormulaOneSpy

    DevonK: ABS braking – after how many years of development?

    It does look funny to add it now especially to cars that have been in the game for years but this feature was just byproduct of adding the VW Scirocco. The developer wasn’t happy how it worked. Then it was added to couple of existing cars for a reason but that also made it possible to test it with public test patches. The developer(s) will always stick to their way of working but in a way it would have been better to include this minor stuff in the next bigger patch…

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