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Lime Rock 2.0 for rF2 – Released

Image Space Incorporated have released a new version of their Lime Rock Park track for rFactor 2.

Image Space Incorporated have released a new version of their Lime Rock Park track for rFactor 2.

The new version comes with added RealRoad technology, new shaders and plenty of other improvements for a smoother experience, as listed below.


Updated roads, curbs and concrete to use Real Road Shader
Replaced trackside vehicles with more detailed ones
Replaced all sector timing lines
Redone all verges and fixed the most important mapping glitches
Redone groove mapping
Set new static reflection map position
Filled hills with more treelines
Applied new terrain shader and re-blended terrain
Applied vertex-based terrain shading (Radiosity + manual tweaking)
Added billboard weeds on terrain embankments
Added collision object for vehicles (hit at own risk)
Added crude –but effective– concrete wall to close off infield terrain gap
Added (lightweight) RC Layout
Increased number of pit spots
Included Test Team RealRoad Preset Pack

Fixed black faces on pit, paddock, Skip Barber and outer buildings
Fixed vegetation Vertex Alpha
Fixed crowd Vertex Alpha
Fixed unusually odd glitches on building glass
Fixed glowing marshals
Fixed hard seams at treeline edges
Fixed oil waste bin normal map
Fixed curb mapping
Fixed seam in curb mapping
Fixed tree mapping
Fixed gaps at T1, Podium and Paddock terrain
Fixed smoothing issues on some trackside objects
Fixed tyrewall popups
Fixed vegetation popups
Fixed tyre collision detection
Fixed building collision detection
Fixed floating crowd due to missing buildings on lower detail
Fixed outstanding shadow popups
Fixed some texture saturation
Fixed Paddock stripes to line up with pit building
Fixed Paddock cones to line up with pit building
Attempted to reduce tree transparency issue

Improved movable objects reaction
Improved crowd material
Improved pit building normal maps
Improved outhouse normal and specular maps
Improved vegetation materials and textures
Improved and optimized glass materials
Improved road and terrain texture sets
Improved painted stripes
Improved armco normal map
Improved vegetation randomness through vertex shading
Added bump/spec maps for fence-mounted ivy
Added key terrain reflections
Moved fire truck to narrow the incorrect pit exit shortcut
Reduced aliasing on Barriers and Tyres
Reduced aliasing on Terrain
Reduced aliasing on Vegetation
Reduced aliasing on Buildings
Reduced aliasing on Structures
Tweaked fog

Optimized roads, curbs and terrain for smoother performance
Optimized road and verge decals for smoother performance
Optimized armco for smoother and better performance
Optimized fences for smoother performance
Optimized tyres for smoother and better performance
Optimized buildings for smoother performance
Optimized structures for smoother performance
Optimized small props for smoother performance
Optimized vegetation for smoother performance
Optimized crowds for smoother performance
Optimized vehicles for smoother performance
Optimized wet surface reflections
Optimized environment reflection on carbody

[boxdownload]Download Lime Rock Park 2.0 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]

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