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Lexus ISF Track Time – Released

Lexus ISF Track Time – Released

Atari and Lexus have released Lexus ISF Track Time, a free racing game that lets you try Lexus latest sport sedan on three different tracks. Track time is based on rFactor and comes with three well-known rFactor tracks as well as the Lexus which is also available for rFactor.

You can try the Lexus at Essington, Orchard Park and Toban Raceway, the best times are submitted to the live-ranking on the Atari website. While this game offers nothing new to rFactor users, those of you that don’t own the game can try three of its tracks.

Download Lexus ISF Track Time Here

  • ermax18

    This came out months ago. It does sort of offer one new thing and that is 8 gears. rF only supports 7. Also you will notice it has RealFeel installed out of the box. I like the timing plugin they have. There is a config that tells the plugin which webserver to post the laptimes on. Someone should make a plugin like this from rF that will work with any PHP enabled web server. I guess I need to get off my but and learn C. 🙂

  • Sentri

    It’s also based on a new unrealised version of rfactor. Build 1.295, which is why it supports 8 gears. AI also seems to a bit better too, I did a few laps and the AI tailed me just fine. They stayed behind until they could make a pass. The only ram/hit came when I parked in the middle of the track.

  • Anonymous

    😀 🙄 😆 tare jocu pt volan