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Leo’s FFB Tuner – Released

Leo’s FFB Tuner – Released

Two months ago, Kosmo announced that he was working on a tool making the use of Leo’s FFB plugin for rFactor more comfortable and asked VirtualR readers for feedback and suggestions.

Now, his work is done as the Leo FFB tuner is available for download. The tool comes with matching car-specific settings for many popular rFactor mods, making the most of Leo’s plugin that aims to provide better Force Feedback within rFactor.

Important: In order to use Kosmo’s tool, you need to have Leo’s FFB plugin installed.

Download Leo’s FFB Tuner Here

  • Paul

    Hmmmmm I cant get it to run. When I click on the desktop shortcut a black box pops up for a second then disapears but nothing else happens.

    Running W7 X64 Java 6 update 20

    Any tips guys?

  • Kosmo

    There might be a problem with the JRE where .jar files are not associated with Java. Try this: right click the application’s executable (the .jar file), Open with -> Choose program -> Browse, then browse to Program filesJavajre6bin and select javaw.exe. 

  • Paul

    Thanks for the speedy reply Kosmo,

    I changed the file association from java.exe to javaw.exe and now a box appears saying ‘Could not find the main class D:GamesLeo’s FFB TunerLeoFFBTuner_v1.0.jar. Program will exit’

    I’ll try a reinstall of java and the tuner.

  • jmy

    Nice app!  Correct behaviour seems to require that decimal separator is a dot (as it is in all the settings and ini files) in Windows.  I got around of this by forcing language to English: javaw.exe -Duser.language=en -jar LeoFFBTuner_v1.0.jar

    By the way, LeoFFB plugin re-reads the ini file every time you enter the car. So it’s possible to active new settings in Tuner without restarting rFactor.

  • Kosmo

    Thanks for the info jmy. When you say “correct behavior”, do you mean the settings boxes use commas instead of dots on your system? Small oversight, it’s an easy fix. 

    Paul, standby please while I investigate further…

  • Kosmo

    Ok, Paul, and anyone having Paul’s problem. It seems to be a Vista / W7 problem. I’ll have it fixed for the next version, in the mean time try this quick fix: right click the LFT shortcut on your desktop, then click properties. In the target window, you’ll see something like this:

    “C:Program FilesLeo’s FFB TunerLeoFFBTuner.jar”

    Change that to: 

    “C:Program FilesJavajre6binjavaw.exe” -jar “C:Program FilesLeo’s FFB TunerLeoFFBTuner.jar”

    Program Files might be Program Files(x86) on your system, check first to see both where the .jar file and where javaw.exe is located. 

  • jmy

    If I use regional settings in Windows that has comma as a decimal separator UI itself seems to behave ok but when activating settings then “11,1” is written as “110” into LeoFFB.ini.  Also, reading data from .pm files then works incorrectly (I just get some random looking values).

    I think it would be easiest for you to just force locale in Java to be US english regardless of the Windows regional settings and instruct users to always use dot as decimal separator when entering values in UI.

    I’m also using Win7 (x64) and I’m able to start the application just by double clicking the jar file without any problems. I have JRE Version 6 Update 20.

    Anyhow, this is really a nice piece of SW and makes using LeoFFB plugin so easy!

  • Kosmo

    Yes that’s what I meant with “easy fix”. It’s just a matter of forcing English locale, I thought I had already done that, but apparently I haven’t. I’ve already fixed that for the next version. The boxes already force the decimal separator (no need to instruct the user) which is actually why you get those values that appear random at first glance. They just weren’t necessarily forcing the correct separator until now.

    As for the app not launching, so far everyone who has reported the issue has been on W7. On the other hand I had tested it in W7 before release and it worked fine. It has to do with some JRE launch parameters, but anyway I’ve hopefully already fixed that too.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

  • Slo Mo

    The best tool to work with leo’s ffbk so far. The best feedback I got from the wheel ever. Just take a few trials to find the best mix between leo and real feel.  But leave caster and caber values to zero, or the wheel will act vry strangely

  • Kosmo

    Thanks for the kind words Slo Mo, and yes I have also found that caster and camber are usually best left at 0.

  • Paul

    That sorted it Kosmo many thanks for your assistance and for the tool, it really does help to get the most from the FFB plugin.

    The correct path for my Windows 7 install was: “C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6binjavaw.exe” -jar “C:Program Files (x86)Leo’s FFB TunerLeoFFBTuner_v1.0.jar”

  • UrosL

    I have the same problem on WinXP 64. Thanks for the solution. Cheers!