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Learn Dirt Racing With Andrew Fayash III

Learn all the techniques needed to master the dirt with Andrew Fayash III.

Earlier this month, iRacing released their much-anticipated dirt racing content, introducing a very popular American sub genre of oval racing to the sim scene.

Since these special cars require a rather special technique to really be quick with, The SimPit has put up a new video to get dirt-rookies started.

The video features Andrew Fayash III who teaches us the required techniques to really be quick on the loose stuff in the Street Stock car.

  • Bakkster

    Hoping to get some time to race dirt again this weekend. I had a blast with it on release day, they really seem to have gotten it right out of the gate. And the racing is a blast as well, far cleaner than the average pavement race. At least in the street stocks, everyone seemed to give a bit more room on account of the reduced precision of where you place the car.