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Le Mans Bugatti Circuit 0.98 for rF2 – Released

ECAR Tracks has released a new version of his Le Mans Bugatti Circuit for rFactor 2.

ECAR Tracks has released a new version of his Le Mans Bugatti Circuit for rFactor 2.

Scratch-made and based on accurate CAD data, the track already comes with full working AI, four sets of trackside cameras, Realroad functionality and night lighting.

The new version comes with plenty of improvements as listed below.



  • General overhauling of track appearance.
  • Fixed an issue which AI cars never turns their headlights on, used a threshold to force lights on at 7h30PM.
  • Fixed some wrong textures mapping in boxes building.
  • Included Visgroups to track-side objects to take advantage of Circuit Detail menu (performance purposes).
  • Inserted structures for fuel hoses and pit support (Visgroups = Full or High Circuit detail).
  • Corrected misplaced back-garage doors of main pit building.
  • Re-modelled Dunlop Curve (T1) and main straight to smooth excessive bumping.
  • Corrected some gaps between boxes wall and the tarmac surface and the white lines on it.
  • Inserted NoRainZone objects to block rain in boxes, covered grandstand and etc.
  • Corrected some grandstands proportions (previous 3D models were smaller than real).
  • Added ISI bus and trailers, flags and some details to improve environment.
  • Added human spectators in grandstands and yards increasing amount from free practice to race session.
  • Painted sponsors on the walls.
  • Corrected several textures saturation and brightness (albedo map).
  • Reworked grass areas.
  • Replaced tyre-barriers low-resolution textures to a better one.
  • Corrected Load-out of high poly elements as tyre barriers (performance purposes).
  • Converted a number objects from Max Normals to Gmotor Normals by detaching smooth groups as elements.
  • Reworked wet tarmac effects trying to emulate puddles.
  • Modified tyre mark textures which was messed in previous version.
  • Reworked tarmac dry texture to respond correctly to overall sun light and increased fresnel level.
  • Minor corrections on several objects as fences and walls geometry and mapping.
  • Remodelled pit lane and included Michelin tarmac stripe.
  • Added Porsche Experience Center building and corrected surrounding topography.
  • Reduced height of cut-track obstacles at S du Chemin in order to avoid URD prototypes to roll over in certain circumstances.
  • Improved gravel-tarmac transition.


Opened in 1965, the 4.1 kilometer Bugatti Circuit is a permanent race track located in the city of Le Mans. Allowing all-year operation, parts of the track are also used for the annual Le Mans 24 Hour race as the circuit’s famous endurance layout uses the start finish straight and first chicane of the permanent Bugatti Circuit.

[boxdownload]Download Le Mans Bugatti Circuit 0.98 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]