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Le Mans 1999 – First Render

Le Mans 1999 – First Render

Team Apex Modding, creators of the Ferrari 288 GTO and Ferrari F430 Challenge mods, have announced a new project – The 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours for rFactor.

Initially, the team planned to convert Virtua_LM’s LM 99 mod to rFactor but ended up deciding to make a scratch-made mod. Below is a first render, showing the Nissan R391 Le Mans Prototype.

1999 is one of the greatest years in Le Mans history as an incredible amount of high-profile manufacturer efforts battled for the win. Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Toyota & Nissan went head to head in a very dramatic race in both open and closed prototypes. BMW ended up wining the race ahead of Toyota and Audi who set the foundation for a winning streak that still is maintained today.

Screenshots via rFactorcentral

  • divxx

    Nice to know such an important project is being handled by a proven team known for quality

  • Mitos

    Good luck to this project. I hope CLR will fine.