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Le Mans 1991-1996 for rFactor 2 – First Previews

Virtual_LM’s ethone is working on bringing the team’s Le Mans 1991-1996 to rFactor 2 as first previews show.

Virtual_LM’s ethone is working on bringing the team’s Le Mans 1991-1996 to rFactor 2 as first previews show.

Back in June 2012, Virtua_LM released their latest track for rFactor, bringing the popular Circuit de la Sarthe to the simulation. Now, the track is on its way into rFactor 2 as ethone has started working on the conversion.

The 1991-1996 layout of the track is largely identical to the track as it is run today, the major differences being the missing Esses section after the Dunlop bridge as well as a slightly different layout of the Dunlop Chicane & Tertre Rouge areas.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    One of the best tracks in rF1!

    • feels3

      That’s true! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I’ve been waiting for! Make it bumpy!

  • mjbonner70

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou. This is the one that really matters. In time for le vingt-quatre?

  • Roger

    Great stuff!! Really looking forward to this!

  • Max Pautov

    Very good screenshots!
    Bugatti version will be?

  • yorch sinclair

    I really like the feeling of the screenshots but technically looks so old…

    • Anonymous

      Feeling over looks anyday… If it feels good, then what else matters ? 😉

      • yorch sinclair

        No problem for me! But…i race in VLM Le Mans 91-96 for Rfactor just a couple of days ago (amazing work), and i can’t see the differences!.

      • Pablo Coronel

        but it gonna feel different!!

  •ørensen/100000834833894 Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

    might pitch me into trying Rfactor2 a chance again 🙂

  • Paul Todd

    Mak classic car mod and this track! seems rfactor2 is starting to shine a bit.

  • Ernie

    Even if the track looks good, but ……… it could look so amazing with some “feel3 texturework love”. 😉

    • Anonymous

      VirtuaLM have been able to lift the mantle in my experience. I rank them up there feels3. Have you seen the rF2 Sebring?

      • Jim. C

        Sebring and Mid-Ohio are very good but feels3’s work is better. His texture work is ahead of anything else at the moment.

  • Dani .

    Rf2 continues to look flat, great track, old graphics.

    • C4

      I wonder if shaders and HDR is fully moddable? If you look at UE3 or similar engines you have a lot of text (usf in that case) files with each shader and material defined.

  • C4

    Nice 🙂

  • Dani .

    When i look today Alpha or beta sims, i think in term of graphics it looks good, then i see a grid 2 video, and i think forguetting physics, why others are so so bad compare to this?? Every sim it’s outdated near to this! when RF2 goes out it will look like a 2008 game graphically, racing, or assetto, they look ok, but not near, only near yis pcars. Yes physics are from today, but it never compare graphically to this, i hope someday somebody puts big money to merge graphics and sim

    • Anonymous

      wow, brand hatch is a runway for planes now? – it’s so wide. That’s very pathetic. Graphics are pretty nice though. And as you said, the physics on some of those corners is a bad joke, not even half close to real. I don’t expect sim, but it would have been nice to see them step it up a little, it looks ultra silly. Shame.

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      Just because it uses a lot of postfx doesnt mean it looks better.

      • Dani .

        PostFx? no take out that shiny sun, and theres a really good modelling, texturing, colouring and atmosfere in general, If the track is wide or not i don’t mind, even the golf is wider or doesn’t fit some measures, I am showing the engine, not the game, i’m not on arcades, i don’t like too much codemasters games. This video looks far, very far away from actual and next sims gen. That’s the fact.

      • spliff

        “This video looks far, very far away from actual and next sims gen. That’s the fact.”

        learn the difference between opinion and fact. assetto corsa, for example, looks way better graphically than this grid2 video. in fact i think this video does not look really good.

      • Dani .

        The graphic engine is way better for me and for you, it’s not an opinion it’s a fact. Asseto’s and pCars engine it’s near but it’s not as this, where the blues are blue, and the greens are green, the cubemaps, shadows reflections etc… everything looks ok in that video aside from arcade/fov/tons of smoke/fireworks. What i have seen from asseto is that it’s a bit whased out, and flat texturing, but very nice moddeling, ligthing it’s ok but not the best, reflections are the best f the game, shaders are few, and barely noticieable, not too visual stunning as we haven’t saw water for example. Have to see more cars, and tracks, and modding. I hope Asseto’s engine can do something good, we’ll see it. When the AC FR2 and Pcars go gold i will analyze them in deep. For now they’re beta.

      • Kota Weaver

        Grid 2 is incredibly stylized. It’s made to look very flashy. Sims, while usually not very focused on graphics, try to look physically accurate. By the way, in case you haven’t checked out the new RF2 builds, the graphics look significantly better now than they did just a couple months ago.

  • Anonymous

    if this hadn’t been categorized id have assumed it would have been for rf1.
    what a fail.

    • John Lunsmann

      The only fail here is you.

  • Adam7250

    Looks amazing looks like a must get!.
    Also I’m tired of hearing all the eyecandy kids saying the graphics suck and such to be fair graphics have ruined games and spoiled children cause the companies spends to much time and money on graphics and paying no attention to the rest of the game which usually ends up being crap via storyline, character building, how it plays, length and what ever else. This sim along with Assetto Corsa will reign over this Pcars nonsense not because of graphics but the rawness and the core of sim racing.