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Le Mans 1991-1996 by Virtua_LM – Released

Virtua_LM has released the next (and presumably last) high quality track for rFactor as Le Mans 1991-1996 is now available for download.

Virtua_LM has released the next (and presumably last) high quality track for rFactor as Le Mans 1991-1996 is now available for download.

Following Mid Ohio,the historical Le Mans, Rouen, Sebring and Fuji, the modern Le Mans version ends the teams work for rFactor that has set a new standard in terms of track quality within ISI’s simulation.

The Le Mans 1991-1996 track is released right in time for this weekend’s Le Mans 24 Hours race. The track layout from the early 90s marks the time when two chicanes were added to the 5-kilometer Hunaudieres straight.

Compared to the modern layout used in this weekend’s event, the track differs in key sections, especially the missing Esses past the Dunlop bridge as well as other small changes to various corners.

[toggle title=”Click here for the full Readme”] Virtua_LM is proud to introduce you to one of our biggest project we ever started: the Le Mans project.
After 1977 and 1979 years built in 2007/2008, the time has come for the new layout that appeared first in 1991 and is famous for the new chicanes breaking the Hunaudieres straight up into three pieces.

06.16.2007 – v1.00: Initial release, Year 1979 for rFactor
02.08.2008 – v1.10: Year 1977 for rFactor
06.14.2008 – v1.10: Year 1977/1979 for GTR2/GT-Legends/Race07
06.19.2008 – v1.11: AIW fix for GTR2/GT-Legends/Race07
09.30.2008 – v1.12: Fix for Race07/GTR-Evolution
06.14.2012 – v1.20: Year 1991/1996 for rFactor

Amax (archive), Chris (car modelling), Dave_3D (car modelling), DerDumeKlemmer (conversion), Discocandy (painting), Ethone (track modelling), Etone (archive), emac (IT and webmaster), F1Driver (painting), Gmilno (AIW), HarryCS (car modelling), JazzDevil (car modelling), Markus Nissa (car modelling & painting), Monsum (track modelling), Nugit (car modelling and tools), Racer-BR (painting), Swiss Hutless (car modelling), Sylvain (track modelling), T-Spark (painting), Tato (painting), Vassalfada (sounds), Vince Klortho (R&D), Zulu (painting).

Our thoughts also go to our long term friends who built Virtua_LM history: Aprimatic, Burger4man, Danilo, Eden7c, Eclipsee, Joe Bar Team, King Of The Ring, Padajacaba, Revsect, Trumpf.

Beta testers and external support
Agathe, Arnold Wong, Batman, BSNismo, Bullitt, Christ, David Wright, Desmo, Digitt, DrGroove, Elio75, Elwood, emac, Eric.Bugs, F1Racer, Firefox, gadjo, Greeze, Greybrad, Grietick, Grincheux, Gui930, Gundam, Gwladys, Hunaudieres, JBMASS, Jean-Claude, Kakushi, Kalaan, Khyn, Laurent Rabier, Ludo24H, Menro, mianiak, Mika Hirvonen, MilleFeuilles21, MotorFX, Moucham, Mullog, Niko, Nikolovic, Otaugames, Pete Walsh, Pontiac, Punko353, Raegon, Roswell, sg72, Spacekid, SpeedFr, Sticky-Fingers, Sulky, Taz, TheLonely, TheNewBob, Tmsi68, Valgone,Vevex, Vivemclaren, Wimille, Yoss

Special thanks go to….
Image Space Incorporated (ISI) …for providing us with great modding platforms for so many years.
emac …for hosting our forums and for his kindness and honesty in our everyday virtual life.
Our testing team …for their valuable help in the last moments preceding the release.
Our families …, who shared and endured this strange passion during those last years.
Our loyal fans.

Terms and conditions
Conversion or modification of any of this package’s contents is strictly prohibited, whatever the destination platform.
Usage of some textures can be granted according to the conditions described inside the Virtua_LM disclaimer written on our website.
In a more general way, the restrictions of use applied to this package are described inside the disclaimer section of
the Virtua_LM website. Any additional question can be asked (in a polite way) on our forums.[/toggle]

[boxdownload]Download Le Mans 1991-1996 by Virtua_LM 1.0 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Le Mans 1991-1996 by Virtua_LM 1.0 Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Le Mans 1991-1996 by Virtua_LM 1.0 Mirror 3 Here[/boxdownload]

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