A Lap Around Spa In Five Formula 1 Titles – Video

MotoGamesTV have put together a very clever video to show off the evolution of Codemasters’ Formula One game franchise.

Instead of doing the usual side-by-side comparison of titles, the video below shows a lap around Spa Francorchamps in the Ferrari, starting with F1 2010 as the footage blends into the newer titles as the lap progresses, finishing with the recently-released F1 2015 title.

The video does not only show off how Codemasters’ F1 franchise has changed over the years, it’s also interesting to see how Formula One as a whole has been transformed ever since F1 2010 was released.

F1 2015 features all cars and drivers of the current Formula One World Championship season, using a new version of Codemasters’ EGO engine.

The title is available for purchase here.


  • J Dircks

    2011 looked best in my opinion

    • RapidRefund

      I collected these titles when they were on Steam Sales and for me F1 2011 seemed to be the best in the series. Funny how good works get abandoned like they feel pressed to change things just to make changes. IMO Simbin did it right with the Race 07 Series come up with a good platform and expand on it for quite some time.

      • RKipker

        Ditto… 2010 was a solid games, then a patch took away the track rubbering and dry line effects.

        2011 was better and worst in some aspects, but they patched it often enough to get it stable and acceptable.

        2012 – 2014 has been a serious let down for me… which is why I’m not getting it until a 50% sale… and then only maybe.

        I’d rather see folks support Reiza in the crowdfunding then buy this… they’ll be bringing in the V10’s

  • Loose

    And not one of them has the curbs modelled correctly, nor got curbing at Pouhon at all in any of them.

  • Tom

    That’s 6 Formula 1 titles, not 5! 😉

  • MC

    Are people retrospectively judging the series or something? 2010 & 11 were utter crap when they came out, and I recall them being slated. Now they’re good compared to the rest of the series? :/

    I found F1 2012 OK until a patch made it undriveable with a wheel. F1 2013 had the classic content that was fun… those are the only highlights from the series for me.

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