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Laguna Seca LIDAR for rF2 – New Previews

Mario Morais has released a new previews of his ambitious Laguna Seca track project for rFactor 2.

Mario Morais has released a new previews of his ambitious Laguna Seca track project for rFactor 2.

The new previews show that first additional details such as curbs are being added to the base track layout that has been put together by using LiDAR laser-scan data.

The 2.2 mile track is located in western California and is one of North America’s most prestigious road courses. The circuit hosts an annual Moto GP round as well as the Tudor Sports Car Championship, highlight of the layout is the stunning corkscrew corner.

  • gabkicks

    i’m loooking forward to this 🙂 hopefully it gets dolled up with nice lighting, textures, and fx

  • Birddogg66

    So how are you managing to do aerial LIDAR? It’s not cheap to do this. Just curious as to if you have some insider secret to being able to do this?

    • Justin Schmidt

      there is free lidar data for almost the entire US. usgs or something. most parts are not in high resolution(>1meter) but i looked into it myself some time ago(~2yrs) and the area around laguna seca was pretty good.

      • Birddogg66

        See that’s good to know as a tool for track creators to explore. Almost like referencing with Google Earth it helps.

      • coops17

        yep thats what i was using for a m8

      • Alan Dallas

        Yup, US Geological Survey data. It’s free to use so long as you aren’t reselling it in anyway.

    • coops17

      maybe 1k not that bad if you have the $$$

  • vcorp

    Damn can’t wait !!! this is one of my favorite tracks!!!

  • Alesi

    Looks awful

    • Charlie Gould

      Its not anywhere near done yet! If you had read the article, you would have realised its a PREVIEW. Stop criticising, people’s work before they’ve finished it.


      In the 2nd picture the elevation looks spot on and it’s coming together really well. It’s still early days so commenting on how it looks is pointless. Before making silly comments maybe you should try building a track from scratch

    • Fatty Jakes


      • F1Racer

        Remove your post. Because if I do I`ll ban you as well.

      • Fatty Jakes

        Just me and my own ID.
        There are 3 of use the same PC at home.
        So how abouts you remove our kids monikers from your post.

      • F1Racer

        Well if that’s true, and I’m not convinced it is, then maybe you should watch your posts because if you get banned then your ‘kids’ won’t be able to post either.
        I shall remove all these posts in a while just to tidy up a bit.

      • Fatty Jakes

        “kids = brothers”

    • F1Racer

      So did you in your embryonic stages.

      • Paul Todd

        Hahaha what a comment!

      • Charlie Gould

        pure perfection in comment form

  • Alan Dallas

    Can’t wait to get this. Been aching for some Laguna in rF2. Been wearing that track out in pCARS.

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