Laguna Seca LIDAR for rF2 – More Previews

Mario Morais continues to make great progress with his Laguna Seca project for rFactor 2 as new previews show.

The new previews show Mario’s ongoing progress with road textures and curbs.

The 2.2 mile track is located in western California and is one of North America’s most prestigious road courses. The circuit hosts an annual Moto GP round as well as the Tudor Sports Car Championship, highlight of the layout is the stunning corkscrew corner.


    Fantastic work rate Mario. Keep up the good work

  • Patrik Marek

    is the LIDAR something that was downloaded form web? (i’ve seen one, although didn’t made it to work ) .. and it was interesting to see what result it can provide ( how accurate it is ..etc.)
    or if the author actually have LIDAR equipment and did a full scan?

    hard to tell accuracy from the images, but it would be great if it was really accurate

    • coops17

      its only as accurate as the modder’s capability to use what he has

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