Lada Revolution for RACE07 – Released

The Russian HTRS Development Team has released their Lada Revolution mod for Simbin’s RACE07 and all titles based on it.

Powered by a 180hp 1.6 liter engine, the Revolution is a lightweight open-top race car build by Lada. The car uses a six-speed gearbox and is able to reach speeds up to 250kph.

The quirky little car has been modeled with the help from real drivers and the manufacturer, you can find the download link as well as previews and a well-made video trailer below.

  • Павел Драндийски

    Thank you! Looks fun. See you online in the weekend 🙂

  • Richard Hessels

    My guess is that this car released for rFactor would have had more impact.

    As nowadays rFactor is a much more popular sim than Race”Whatever”

    • Ricoo


    • Daniel Soro

      Race 07 or it’s Addon GTR Evolution is popular then rFactor, some conversion to rFactor are from Race 07 and his Addons. Personaly for me, Race 07 is the better simulation than rFactor.

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