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KartSim – Now On Steam Greenlight

KartSim is now up for a vote over at Steam Greenlight.

A few weeks ago, KartSim creator Zach Griffin announced his plans to introduce his upcoming title to Steam’s Greenlight program.

The time has come as KartSim can now be voted to be included on the popular gaming platform. You want to support Zach and make sure the title makes it onto Steam? Then follow this link and vote for it!

Along with the announcement, Zach has released a new video trailers that can be watched below.

KartSim will be accurately simulating the the thrill of driving a racing kart, the starting point of almost every professional racing career. To ensure realism, the title uses an industry standard tire model and a real-time FEM model to simulate the flex of the chassis.

The title is based on the Unity engine that is paired up with a scratch-made physics engine developed by Zach.

  • Paul Haworth

    Let me be the first to renounce my previous skepticism regarding this title! I’m more than happy to eat my words with a plate of humble pie! Voted and really looking forward to this!

  • F1Racer

    Easiet vote ever. Got to support the little guys all the way.

  • Jos

    Why is there an option to vote no, to troll the devs?

  • rauf00

    Voted yes! Strange that signed time ago here to hopefully get news and nothing ab. Greenlight comes…

  • IAussie Gamer

    They got my vote

  • devotid

    voted. Cant wait!

  • emily77

    Voted yes! Really looking forward to this one!

  • Nicolas Grignon

    voted yes… of course. 🙂

  • GamerMuscle

    Vote this up or a go-cart will run over your toes.