KartKraft – First Video Teaser

As promised earlier this month, Zach Griffin has released a first video teaser his KartKraft simulation.

The short video gives us a glimpse of the kart in action, allowing us to take a first glimpse of the vehicle dynamics over the curbs.

Formally known as KartSim, KartKraft will be accurately simulating the the thrill of driving a racing kart, the starting point of almost every professional racing career. To ensure realism, the title uses an industry standard tire model and a real-time FEM model to simulate the flex of the chassis.


  • Betta Lines

    Dat wobble tho

  • melanieuk1

    Can we see more than one Kart on track, via videos and screenshots.

  • http://batman-news.com Leeman

    Dang. I blinked. What’d I miss? 🙂

  • Silvio

    Does anyone knows something about weight’s transfer of driver’s body? I mean, that move of gravity center that is on our control

  • Me

    Kind of wish Zach would under promise and over deliver for a change.

  • Smiggie

    Looks promising, if you look closely also the driver is shaking. I hope it is calculated as a variable in weight transfer!

    Maybe it just bounce too much, but looks seriously promising.

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