Kart Sim – New Night Preview

Zach Griffin has released a new preview of his Kart Sim title that is due to hit open-beta stage in December.

The new preview shows the alpha version as we get to check out some karting at night.

Kart Sim will be accurately simulating the the thrill of driving a racing kart, the starting point of almost every professional racing career. To ensure realism, the title uses an industry standard tire model and a real-time FEM model to simulate the flex of the chassis.

The title is based on the Unity engine that is paired up with a scratch-made physics engine developed by Zach. The title is planned to be released in Q1 2012.


  • Philip Antonia

    Very nice :).

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicolas.grignon Nicolas Grignon

    This will be the surprise of 2012… graphics are already amazing, physics from the video seems top notch… now if the handling and FFB are on par with it, it will be FANTABULOUS!

    • mike mansor

      I agree.  Especially if the FFB is great.  

      One thing with Kart is that body English (where you can control to some degree the trajectory of the kart similar to riding bike/bicycle) plays quite an important part and totally unlike driving a race car.  This is one area where motion detection ala Kinect/TrackIR/PlaystationEye can come in handy.  Hopefully Zach Griffin already has a plan in place.

  • General Rush Hour

    This game will be off the wall. 

    I mean just the fact that you can get out and wark around the track is such a meaningless thing but on the other end one of the most awsome things i´ve seen in a sim. 

    Would love to be able to do that in iRacing and just look at the details. 

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