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Kart Sim – First Previews & Video

Kart Sim – First Previews & Video

Zach Griffin has released first previews and an impressive video of his Kart Sim simulation that he has been working on for over four years now.

Kart Sim will be accurately simulating the the thrill of driving a racing kart, the starting point of almost every professional racing career. To ensure realism, the title uses an industry standard tire model and a real-time FEM model to simulate the flex of the chassis.

The title is based on the Unity engine that is paired up with a scratch-made physics engine developed by Zach. The title is planned to be released in Q1 2012, a demo and a public beta will be coming up as well. Below is the first preview video, showing off a lap around Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club in an Arrow 28/30 chassis with a 17hp KT100s engine.

The video below shows pure gameplay footage of a track that has been modeled four years ago, Zach promises an even higher quality for the other upcoming content. Other aspects such as sounds are not yet finalized as well as the title is still in Alpha status.

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