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Kart Racing Pro – Reality Check Video

insertcoinciber has put together a very interesting Kart Racing Pro reality check video.

PiBoSo’s Kart Racing Pro is widely considered to offer a very realistic simulation of kart racing and insertcoinciber has put together a great reality check comparison video to show it off.

Kart Racing Pro includes three different kart tracks (with more community-made tracks available) and eight racing karts. The beta works in demo mode, a key to unlock the full version is available for 24€.

For more on the latest version of Kart Racing Pro, please click here.

  • Marco Conti

    Love KRP. I drive it whenever I can and the add on tracks are a blast.
    One thing I have learned from this video though is that Go-Kart make lousy camera platforms. 
    I bet the driver spit all his dental filling at the end of the lap.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Looks pretty good, but compared to the real life video it looks too smooth and serene.  Needs to be more bouncing and twitching and small quick corrections, and just overal rougher and more chaotic.

    This looks MUCH more like how a real kart acts.

    • Idon’twannago To Guantanamobay

      Kart Sim – 5 years of hype with no substance. Get that crap out of here. KRP is currently the only legitimate kart racing simulation, great vid.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        I know I know you guys are completely 100% right, but you gotta admit, physics wise Piboso should be shooting for the kart to be reacting and acting like the one in the KartSim video.  Many many quick corrections, the kart is very darty and edgy, constant lightning quick reactions back and forth, just like in real life (and KartSim video).

    • gt3rsr

       The difference between KRP and KartSim is that I can play KRP right now. And I am thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a great simulation! PiBoSo = no BS, no hype, just hard work.

  • Eric Zehnder


    Usually you don’t slow down a comparison video unless you’re doing track comparisons with two different cars. Doing a track and kart comparison and slowing it down means it’s around 2 seconds a lap too fast in comparison to the real thing, does it not?

    Also, “slowered”?

    • F1Racer

       When I’ve made comparison videos, I’ve always adjusted the gameplay video (if necessary) so that both cars cross the line at the same time regardless of a small difference in laptime.

      This helps keep both videos in a much better sync with each other.  The comparison would fail if one was 2s quicker than the other as you would not be able to compare it at the same place on the circuit all around the lap.    So the cars don’t even have to be different from the real ones.

      I love ‘slowered’  🙂

  • Neotronik Aritz

    Sorry but my english is poor, I used slowered because I didn’t found a better word 😉

    About the time difference, good drivers did 49,4 past weekend, just the same as me playing the game. And this lap was done in my first time in that track! I did the track to train for that day and I got surprised because of the accuracy of the driving feelings, both game physics and my track building job. That is the reason of this video by the way 😉

    As I you can imagine, I am the driver, track and video maker, and I want to thank VirtualR for put again one video of mine 🙂

    Aritz – insertcoinciber [already closed cyber 🙁 ]

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    Well i have not tested the latest beta, but v4.0 was heading in the right direction.
    your never going to be able to simulate it 100%, I have been testing and rebuilding in rF for years, it keeps getting closer, but it will never be perfect. as for bumps, that is in the track, if the track makers do not add the bumps, the kart will just drive smoothly around the track. maybe rF2 will offer a little better platform to build on.?