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Kart Racing Pro 11B – Released

PiBOSO has released a new version of his ever-improving Kart Racing Pro title.

Version 11B comes with a new results export feature and plenty of other fixes and improvements as listed in the changelog below.

Kart Racing Pro 11B Changelog

fix: S FS250 and V KF1 engines crash
fix: head animations in the external view
fix: live screens emission
fix: chassis flex simulation
fix: default tyres pressure
fix: smoothing of replays of multiplayer events
fix: crash when leaving a server during a restart
fix: multiplayer bandwidth optimization
fix: lookback in multiplayer
fix: driver rendering optimization
fix: live screens
fix: track image over 128 tracks
fix: transition to settings from the replay VR mode
new: option to export results after each session
new: option to add a prefix to exported results
new: server name in the dedicated server window title and System Tray icon tooltip
new: option to set the fixed setup
new: the kart selection page remembers the latest kart for each category
new: head tracking linked to rider animation
new: MyChron5 splits

Kart Racing Pro is available for purchase on Steam. Want to give the title a go before purchasing? Download Kart Racing Pro from the PiBoSo website, the download will function as demo until unlocked with a license key.