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Jerez de la Frontera 1.0 – Released

Jerez de la Frontera 1.0 – Released

The Lonely and SLN have released Jerez de la Frontera for rFactor, bringing a modern-day version of the Spanish track to the simulation.

Based on Virtua_LM’s Jerez for F1C, this is just a conversion by name as new textures, shaders, track objects and plenty of other changes have been added, resulting in the high quality these two track makers stand for.


  • Conversion with permission from VLM F1C Jerez
  • Overhauled Textures and Shaders for entire terrain
  • Remapped all the terrain
  • Relofted the road for better bumps
  • Completely new thinking for road shader
  • Remodelled many objects from scratch
  • Used Ambient Occlusion on many new objects
  • Custom skies
  • Overhauled lighting values

Located in the Sherry-producing region in south Spain, Jerez has hosted a wide variety of motorsport events since the circuit’s opening in 1985. Hosted events include several Formula One Grand Prix as well as an annual MotoGP round.

Download Jerez de la Frontera 1.0 Mirror 1 Here

Download Jerez de la Frontera 1.0 Mirror 2 Here

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