ISR – Rexing Formula Wheel Review has released an interesting new video as AussieStig takes a look at the high-end Rexing Formula Wheel rim.

Made in Croatia, Rexing’s steering wheel rims come with plenty of features, the wheel rims can be used as add ons on a variety of bases, in the video below the rim is being used on a Thrustmaster wheel base.

Standard Features

  • Carbon fiber body
  • 4.3″ LCD color display
  • 15 rpm LEDs
  • 6 additional LEDs
  • real leather grips
  • aluminum tactile feedback shift paddles
  • 4 front encoders
  • 8 pushbuttons
  • mounting adapter
  • circular connector
  • free version of software

The wheels start at 1250€, more information can be found on the Rexing website.

  • pupsbubi

    Not enough money, butwho is buying a Trhustmasterwheel first and then a 1k ++ Whell addon?

    • pastor_tedhaggard

      indeed lol, You’d buy an OSW wheel first replacing his T500 base or whatever, before looking at wheels.

  • Nic Van

    From Rexing site :”If you already own a steering wheel (e.g. Logitech G25 and G27,
    Thrustmaster R500, ECCI…) you can easily replace original wheel rim
    with Rexing Formula wheel.” How easily? Are there multiple adapters available for purchase?

  • Peter Kerenyi

    Dear Santa…

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