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Isle of Man TT Circuit Coming to Gran Turismo 7?

According to Bike Sport News Magazine, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s staff are currently scouting the legendary Isle of Man TT track for a possible inclusion in Gran Turismo 7.

According to Bike Sport News Magazine, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s staff are currently scouting the legendary Isle of Man TT track for a possible inclusion in Gran Turismo 7.

Officially known as the Snaefell Mountain Course, the 61 kilometer track is home of the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motor bike race. The track layout consists of over 200 corners, the start/finish area is located in the town of Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man.

While the inclusion of the popular bike track would surely generate a lot of attention for the PR-driven franchise, it strictly speaking isn’t a very realistic fit for Gran Turismo considering that the Snaefell Mountain Course is exclusively used for bike races, not car events.

Being more than 60 kilometers in length, the track would be the longest circuit ever to be included in a commercial video game, being almost three-times as long as the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife and only slightly shorter than the Targa Florio that is available as a community-made track for various simulations.

Speaking of community-made tracks, the Isle of Man TT Circuit is also being worked on for Grand Prix Legends as you can see here.

Via BikeSportNews

  • D3

    Ohhhh cmon, Tourist Trophy 2…please…

  • Roy Rki

    It’s useful only for time trials

    • Hurdy Hurdy

      Get that on the WRC calendar, lol.

  • lullilulli

    As a motorbike addicted, if this will be true GT7 and PS4 will be instant buy for me!

  • Steve Shears

    Test Drive’s Island circuit track says its not the longest. But then its not real either.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Well that’s not a circuit though.

  • Philbert GTR UK

    Would be amazing to have this track in ANY game, and I think it would be a good fit in a game like GT7 which has a lot of road cars. Anyone from the UK knows the pleasure of driving fast down country roads like these. Would be great to replicate this in game, without fear of writing your car off, speeding fines and death 😛

  • Matt Orr

    Tourist Trophy 2 should be a thing. We have enough car games, Gran Turismo has sort of lost it’s luster and loads of people aren’t ready for a GT7, but a TT2… well…. how many motorcycle games are there? 2?

    • StarFoxySxv550

      And no games with road-bikes ☹

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Personally, I think it’s really important to have road bikes and racing bikes.

        I’m not one of those sticks in the mud that thinks racing games should only have racing cars/bikes. I love GT because it has the best variety of cars in the business. GT’s car lists are usually jack of all trades, master of none (well except Japanese cars, GT’s car list is definitely unbeatable when it comes to japanese cars)

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Motorcycle games don’t sell enough though.

      Either we’re gonna get GT7, and TT2 seperately, or bikes will be in GT7. No way will TT2 come out before GT7 though.

  • GamerMuscle
    • Fredbull

      lol if he had crashed i think the passenger would never get back in a rally car 🙂
      But when i look at his face it looks like he didnt even realize how short of a huge crash he was,or maybe he is a great actor lol

  • Roger Wallentin

    Awesome! I love long road circuits where general car control becomes more important than tweaking each of total 10ish courners to perfection.

    Hope to see this both in GT7 as an official and laser scanned(!) version as well as in AC and other sims in the near future as mods (or official!?)

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Me too

  • Jamie

    Finger’s crossed for tourist trophy 2, i will buy a playstion if it is, tourist trophy imo is the best motorbike game to date

    • Roger Wallentin

      I really enjoyed that as well! Though it was going to be a lame GT rip-off with bikes, but I got really stuck with it, such great fun! Especially trying to tame the Nordschleife with a top class racer! 🙂

    • Pablo Coronel

      Best bike game of all time that and motocross madness

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      It’s that good huh? Shame I never got to try it.

      I’m hoping they include bikes in GT7.