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The latest iRacing items on new tracks in Europe started a rather interesting discussion in the comments, here’s more to fuel it as iRacing’s Tony Gardner has shared some interesting knowledge in the iRacing forums on the process of licensing international tracks.

Gardner comments that the time-frame of licensing an international track can vary from a few months to years. Furthermore, Gardner confirms that iRacing staff is currently in Europe, trying to secure new licenses. One negotiation seems to be very important and high-profile as even iRacing co-founder John Henry is involved. One can only guess what circuit that would be….

The full statement can be found below, you might have to click “Read More” to see it.

Good Morning:

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I just thought I would take a minute to highlight a few points in regard to our track selection process since when reading this forum I sometimes get the impression that members think we are simply “just” picking tracks. Well I guess they are right, we are just “picking” tracks. We have a diverse group that meets and “picks” the tracks. In fact we have already picked dozens of international tracks but that is the easy part. The hard part is to license those tracks and essentially become partners with each track and the owners of the track. Unlike some of the other sims past and present, we officially license every piece of content in iRacing. We have dozens of negotiations going on currently with tracks from around the world. Sometimes we can get a contract done in three months and other times it can take three years or it might never get done for one reason or another. The international tracks can be more difficult to get a deal done. For example there are language barriers, different legal methodologies and many of the tracks are publicly owned or owned by large corporations which slows the process down. Obviously the tracks also want to know what is in it for them and typically asking for $$$. Anyway, although we have a priority list and wish we could follow it to the letter, because of the reality of getting the contracts done, we are not really rolling out the tracks in a perfect set “priority”. We typically are going after dozens of tracks at any given time that are on our wish list. When the contract gets done they get put into the line to get produced. Sometimes tracks get bumped ahead of others in line based on perceived demand from you our members.

As we speak, Steve Myers and Divi are in Europe meeting face to face with a a couple different content owners and going through the negotiation process. Even John Henry gets involved from time to time and is in fact involved in one international negotiation currently.

Anyway, I am sort of stating the obvious here but thought I would send a quick note anyway. Also if you get a chance, support the tracks in iRacing, they are truly partners with us and taking the time to do these deals with us in part for the exposure and support of this community.

Thanks for all the great support!

Good Racing!

Tony Gardner

  • Raikku


  • massarob

    more Euro tracks will make me think for a renew, but I’ll wait this winter, it’s months I don’t use iR, and this month it’ll be the last. I’m curious to see if there’ll be a drop from the first “1 full year” subscribers.
    Dreaming for a proper Monza!

  • stabiz

    My guess is Le Mans, as that is probably THE European track with most impact in the US.

  • Raikku

    Le Mans… could be too. Riley is suitable car for Le Mans, and Vette is coming. And maybe 24h Fun COT-races there 🙂

  • Com8

    cmon pussies – scan nordschleife! 😀

  • hompe

    Com8: cmon pussies – scan nordschleife! 😀

    +1 😆

  • Raikku

    Anybody has balls big enough to laserscan Nords?

  • DW

    The Ring – could this be the first $100 track?

  • unklepepper

    Monaco :question:

  • Zenitchik
  • Jin24

    Nordschleife :happy:

  • Gabkicks

    yeh, i want them to lasercan the nordschleife too.

  • Zenitchik

    If they scan Nordschleife, they certainly SHOULD charge €22 per lap!

    just for the realism! :happy: :happy: :happy:

  • Der_KHAN

    forget it, the Nordschleife is way too exciting. iRacing is boring and that’s why they will only license boring tracks like Le Mans. Otherwise they would ruin the whole concept of iRacing.

    am i being unobjective? … i’m sorry but this endless grinding in the Solstice is killing me!

  • ManHack

    My top 3 european tracks would be :
    1) Nordschleife
    2) Spa/Francorchamps
    3) Monaco or Full Brianza/Monza

    But i doubt any of these to be ever released. I’m from europe and for me these are the tracks that represent the most our tracks 😀