- Sim Racing News Telemetry HUD 1.9 – Released Telemetry HUD 1.9 – Released

Stephane Turpin has been working on a useful new plugin for iRacing users, his telemetry HUD displays various useful info on screen while driving.

Infos include detailed split times and a real-time lap comparison of your best and current lap, showing you when you gain or lose time while pushing for the perfect lap.

Follow the link to the forums below to find the download and detailed PDF documentation.

Download Telemetry HUD 1.9 Here

  • samiifastcar

    This needs to be fully integrated into iRacing ASAP. Along with the ability to share telemetry data among the members.

  • Raikku

    Split times are great feature, but otherwise i don’t know…

    Looks kinda arcadey…

  • ral42

    Split times are… ok. But the real-time current vs. best lap time difference is really really useful. I haven’t used this program but I wrote my own to display this information on a 7-segment LED display, as well as automatically track best lap data across iRacing sessions. It adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

  • fpol

    Split times are great feature, but otherwise i don’t know…
    Looks kinda arcadey…

    Raikku, the way it’s displayed is fairly arcadish – we don’t have helmet mounted displays that show up like that – but for $1000.00, you can easily have a Racepac G2X or Traqmate GPS data logger which can do most of that real time (minus the goofy track display…though you do get that in the real products on the replay when you analyze your data after a run).

    Of course it’s pure fantasy for the Trucks and Cup stuff (they aren’t allowed to have that in car), and as i said – the live map is like something out of GT4.

    iRacing needs the option for real datalogging – but we should have to learn to use it as we did in GTR for example where they gave you motec.