- Sim Racing News – Some New Features Revealed – Some New Features Revealed

A new build of iRacing’s online racing simulation is coming out in August and while most subscribers will be keen on getting their hands on the Lotus 79, the new build will offer plenty of other improvements.

Steve Myers gives us some clues on what to expect about the new build in his newest blog posting, revealing some interesting stuff. Apart from the first Formula One car in iRacing, the new build will bring Chicagoland Speedway, a free fictional testing track named Centripetal Circuit and plenty of other improvements that are mentioned in the posting:

  • Lotus 79 (Class B)
  • Chicagoland Speedway
  • Centripetal Circuit (Free track for all subscribers)
  • New website with widget-feature
  • New and editable camera system
  • Physic improvements for existing cars
  • Towing

Furthermore, the blog even includes info on what to expect of future builds, including a new tire model, night racing and private leagues. For more indepth info on the new build’s features, make sure to read Steve’s detailed blog post here.

  • ermax18

    Private leagues!!! Now that is interesting.

  • navalhawkeye

    Montoya, the night racing, leagues and tire model are part of next seasons build, not this one. He worded the blog kind of poorly when he talked about those features.

    The new website features are going to be awesome.

  • Montoya

    Thanks for the info, will correct the text 😀

  • navalhawkeye

    The damage simulated in the sim currently could never be fixed during a pitstop/length of the current races. So there is no point.

  • the.cosmic.pope

    Why towing if damage isnt repairable. Alt+F4 is much faster…

    The damage currently implemented in iRacing that effects your car is suspension, engine and gearbox related. You can’t fix these in real life, so you can’t fix them in iRacing. When aerodynamic damage is implemented it will be repairable in pit stops in iRacing.

    Towing the car in Rookie and D Class events resets the car to an undamaged state. C through to Pro Class does not reset the damage.