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Jens “McGonigle” Lindblad has been involved with testing’s simulation for almost four years. Now that the beta test is nearing completion, he finally can share his experience with others.

Jens has written a quite comprehensive preview for that sheds some light on how works and feels. Being that Jens was involved in the simulation’s developement, his detailed peview might not be completely unbiased, it’s well worth a ready for sure though.

  • Gaiajohan

    He says this:
    If you’re on a tight budget the fees might tend to look expensive, but if you compare with what satellite or cable tv costs you, and the amount of entertainment you get for what you pay towards those media,

    Hmm.. Sattellite TV = €3.00 a month and I’ve got all broadcasters here.. En he keeps talking tehre about nonsense TV. Of course there’s nonsense TV, but there’s also Motors TV and other motorsports broadcasters!

    No, sorry mate not a validate reason to make the sim that expensive.

  • ermax18

    In the states full TV coverage ranges from $89 – $150 (USD) and we only get motor sports coverage on on channel (SpeedTV) and even that is incredibly limited. So yeah, lots of crap TV over here. I have to get my real motor sports coverage from ITV, MotorsTV, ect in the form of torrents. Most people in the states think NASCAR is the only form of racing. Hard to believe but true.

  • Montoya

    Personally, I think those “look what other stuff costs” points are rather weak. The cost of cable tv or whatnot is not the right comparison, the cost of competitor products is.

    Look at the upcoming GTR Evolution which has a heap of different cars, a huge amount of tracks as well as the Nordschleife and you´ll get it for 49€.

    Is really worth five times the prices just for better netcode and some neat stats?

  • Chalky

    My main concern is that I currently race in a “friendly” GTR2 league. We all have fun and are at different abilities. This league just will not work with iracing. It’s not a game that your friends can join. It’s a sim racing sport, for hardcore racers.

    Some of the fun of racing online is the community and racing your friends. This is something that iracing lacks. If you are lonely single hardcore racer, it’s for you.
    As much as I’d like to try it out, it’s too expensive for me. I’d rather race with my friends once a week on GTR2.

  • ermax18

    I must say the lack of league racing sucks. The ability to call up some friends and say hey lets race and then all agree on a track and then join the server is a big problem. I hope this gets added in the future. The whole stats/lap DB is already in rFactor (RaceCast) but goes unused for some reason. I am curious what ISI is thinking with all this iR hype. Maybe they will start leaking more details on what their plans are. ISI has a great platform. There are tuns of suggestions made in the forums that could be implemented in just a few weeks time. Do that along with some of the new stuff iRacing is bringing and they could have a winner. Time will tell.

  • deks

    Preview? You gotta be kiddin me.. This is just pure PR stuff, “great”, “best” etc, etc.. No arguments at all, just pure statements, that iRacing is by far the best.. Maybe it is true, but to be honest I’ve never ever seen something so great and cool as is iR described in mentioned article..
    And to the price issue – 1 month tryout version for 20 USD? No comment

  • Paul Kelly

    Agree with deks. Credit to VirtualR for acknowledging in the tease to the “preview” that there might be an objectivity issue with this piece. There definitely is an objectivity issue.

    Asking a beta tester of a game for an honest, unbiased review is sort of like asking an album producer for an objective review of a record he just produced. I’ve always respected Jens’ work at SimHQ, but this piece is pure fluff. There’s not a single mention of one blemish and of course, there’s the obligatory justification of the subscription fees, which is nothing but spin.

    Once again, the comparison between iRacing and cable TV is nonsense. The apt comparison is between iRacing and other sims that charge only for the initial purchase of the game, like Grand Prix Legends, NR 2003, rFactor and Live For Speed.

    Funny, I haven’t seen that comparison made anywhere. Why not?

  • Anonymous

    Because comparing iRacing to rFactor, LFS, NkP, GPL, NR2k3 or any other sim out there, is like comparing Apples to Pineapples. Yes, they are both fruit and supposedly the same apple-ish thing, but are two very different things.

  • Paul Kelly

    >>>Because comparing iRacing to rFactor, LFS, NkP, GPL, NR2k3 or any other sim out there, is like comparing Apples to Pineapples. Yes, they are both fruit and supposedly the same apple-ish thing, but are two very different things.<<<

    This is the rote, elitist response I’ve seen when this question has been asked elsewhere. Yet I’ve never seen any details as to why iRacing is a pineapple and every other quality racing sim — which uses PC hardware and steering wheel peripherals just like iRacing — is just an apple.

    Details, please, other than the PR spin of “league structures, laser-scanned tracks,” etc.

    I’ve yet to read a compelling reason from anyone why this game is so far superior to any other PC sim to justify these prices. And I’m really curious about the game and really want to be compelled to try it, but so far no one or nothing has justified the expense in my mind.

  • Pstar

    “Because comparing iRacing to rFactor, LFS, NkP, GPL, NR2k3 or any other sim out there, is like comparing Apples to Pineapples. Yes, they are both fruit and supposedly the same apple-ish thing, but are two very different things.”

    It would seem that comparing racing sims is a much closer comparison than comparing racing sims to satellite TV service.

  • Adam

    “You should absolutely never ever drive into other cars on track, in fact you must take the utmost care to avoid contact between you and another competitor as contact will cost you incident points that are subtracted from your iRacing license, that’s right dear reader, you have to earn your license and work at being promoted up the ladder towards bigger and more powerful cars, and if you throw away points by even accidentally hitting other cars, the retaining wall, go off course or spin out, your promotion beyond rookie license will be moving further and further away.”

    Oh joy.

  • Gaiajohan

    Indeed, Juan-Pablo Montoya has never touched anyone in real life, because he would lose his license for more powerful cars :lol:. I have sometimes touched someone, but never on purpose, and usually it’s just a little tap when passing on inside of a corner.. (Compared to Juan-Pablo who rams someone off the track)…

    Complete nonsense imho.

  • A

    “Slighty US-centric” ROFL