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Since seems to be the hot topic around here (almost 50 comments in the price-list story!), here’s something to fuel further discussion.

Below are two new videos made during the beta test of the new simulation, we get to see the Radical SR8 at Virginia International Raceway as well as a Pontiac Solstice at Lime Rock Park. I can’t help it but something’s really off-putting about the engine sounds….

[youtube irlo3WjdCZI nolink]

[youtube xDW8CIZu2sc nolink]

  • Cpd

    I just cant see this being the big step it was supposed to be. The cars in all the videos I have watched seem to be on rails ,eg; launch over curbs whilst going round corners and you wont go a mm off line.And where the hell is any oversteer ??Ill try it for a month but rfactor is still for me atm

  • ermax18

    Yeah the external engine sounds aren’t very impressive. The Radical sounds good from the cockpit. The tire sound is good though. The tire sound seams to give more feedback then rF does.

  • Pelle

    Then just change tire samples (WAVs) in rF, like me. I use same tyre sample in GTR2 and rF.

  • stabiz

    Very weak sounds.

  • ermax18

    Pelle, this is something I never got around to trying. What samples are you useing? I will give it a shot.

  • ermax18

    Check out this video. I think it sounds great. The road/wind noise that builds with speed and the tire noise sounds great. Even the engine sound isn’t that bad in this clip. I also like the rev limiter sound.