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After having a limited launch with several waves of invitations, is finally opening their doors to let everyone join their new simulation experience.

Starting August 26th 12:00PM (EST), everyone can join via their official website by using one of the subscription options. There will be no free demo or trial membership available, those of you that want to give it a try will have to go with a monthly subscription ($20).

If you`re willing to get a annual subscription, you should hurry as iRacing’s bonus program runs out three days after the public launch. Everybody that signs up to an annual membership before August 29th will receive an additional $15 of iRacing credit that can be spent on new content or subscription extensions.

  • JJ


  • Derek

    “Everybody that signs up to an annual membership before August 29th will receive an additional $15 of iRacing credit that can be spent on new content or subscription extensions.”


  • jam


  • dave

    on the website it says $60 credit if you RENT an annual membership?

  • Johnny Fartpants

    Seriously, I cannot imagine many more people joining iRacing who have not already joined. There are plenty of spare invites floating about the internet now.

    If their present membership numbers are good, iRacing may do well. If not, I cant see it lasting without a restructure of some sort.

    Myself , I will not be buying into it as I do not have enough spare time for iRacing to justify paying the price it costs. Shame!!!

  • Tifose

    i believe i bad talk this game for too long it’s not a bad game at all but why do the believe people will stay on there network for long? when the crack version of there Software will be for free online! i happen to think GTR.rFactor.Live For Speed. gran Turismo 5.and netKar are great sims that sell far less then iRacing what is the point of this? paying so much money and getting nowhere? i mean it’s no racing school is it? so why are you paying and what are you paying for that all the games i call don’t already offer ? plz someone answer me ❓

  • navalhawkeye

    Don’t get your hopes up on a cracked version…it won’t happen…ever. If they do you will never get any enjoyment out of it because you wont be able to play online.

  • Attila

    Why woud some pay for this?

    Well, there is loads of reason:

    – you have to be a racing fun or fanatist to understand
    – Tracks are laser scanned and are exactly the same as the real ones, every bump, and curb duplicated. The 3D sense is just A lot better
    – Cars are based on original CAD, or laser scanning and weighting every part, they are as good as it gets
    – Sounds are 5.1 (no other racing sin on the PC has that)
    – There is a strong net code, and very strickt rules, its ensures good clean racing, without intensional wreckers.
    – Phisics are as good as it gets, and are updated regularly
    – FF is the best, no comparison to GTR2, or GTL

  • Attila

    -You can race against silmilarly skilled drivers (or the best of the world) in every hour.
    -GTR2 and other racing simmers are structured into racing leagues to avoid intentional wreckers, it means 1 race a week, the rest is practice for the upcoming race
    -STATS like no other, every race, ecery qual or time trial is kept and analyzed

  • smelchionda

    I just joined iracing. I put it off for a long time becuase I didnt like the cars that they use. I prefer the GTs in GRT, GTR2 GTREvo and RBR. However after doing a few races in Iracing I cant imagine ever going back to those other “games”. Although RBR is still amazing sim, the UI is clunky and managing all the mods is a real headache. I siged up for a year of iracing… and if you are like me and you are interested in sims as opposed to games you will agree with me that its worth every penny.