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A new article on sheds an interesting light on how sim racing can help real life racers succeed. Even though Henri Zogaib was not very familiar with Laguna Seca, him and team-mate Ryan Dalziel clinched their first Grand-Am victory in California after practising with iRacing’s technology.

Yes, of course it’s mainly PR for the upcoming sim. But connections like that also help get sim racing the attention and the respect it deserves.

  • Lucky

    As one of the lucky beta testers I can say without hesitation “It is better than advertised”. The sim is amazing and its not even close to a finished product. We aren’t suppose to talk about it…but those who don’t sign up and try it and not serious about sim racing. This IS sim racing. Outstanding cars, precise tracks and organized racing. There might still be an occasional wreck..but with the possibility of losing your driving license for wrecking it keeps it at a minimum. Great netcode and organized structure for the races keep you practicing and improving. This is what a true Sim Racer will want. It might cost a bit more…but once you try it other sims just don’t come close.

  • Montoya

    Now that sounds promising 🙂

  • Exvitermini