- Sim Racing News – First Lotus 79 Preview Video – First Lotus 79 Preview Video

Following first preview screenshots two weeks ago, iRacing has now released a short preview clip of the Lotus 79 Formula One car at Watkins Glen.

Driven by notable drivers such as Mario Andretti and Ronnie Peterson, the 79 was the first Formula One car to make full use of ground effect aerodynamics. The car scored 7 wins in 26 races, helping Mario Andretti to win the 1978 Formula One world championship.

As confirmed by iRacing, the car will be the first historic racing car to make it into the online racing simulation, more historic vehicles are planned to join the sim in the future. The Lotus is expected to be available with the new build of iRacing’s simulation.

  • Paul Kelly

    BOING! :happy:

    Gimme, gimme. Can’t wait to drive this one!

  • Zenitchik

    This thing looks and sounds amazing!

    Can’t wait till release!

  • unklepepper


    Y’no how some times ppl complain about an rfactor F1 or similar mod being too glued to the track, being too grippy & too easy to drive so therefore its not a simulation.

    Well this looks soooo glued to the track, it must have so much grip I cant comprehend.

    This is not a criticism, I think F1 cars for the past 30 years must be so far ahead of what us mere mortals can imagine, its crazy.

    Bring it on, also I need a pay rise first πŸ™

  • Zenitchik

    The faster you go, the more glued it becomes, but I think it will be quiet a handful to control out of the slower corners. have you seen the other video, where the car takes off?

    maybe it’s the lack of bumps and cracks that makes rFactor feel to easy to those who complain. I’m sure rFactor 2 will have more rich track feedback..

  • eddiespag

    Zentich, thanks for that additional click. It looks like we’ll have this F1 baby this August!

    Aero parts on a racecar definitely have an effect. The main one is the ‘glued to the tarmac’ effect. The other, when this aero downforce is compromised, is when ‘all hell breaks loose’.

    It will be nice if besides the aero downforce, they simulate the ‘smooth’ slide as well, ala Gilles Villenueve!

  • Shum94

    I see that they sampled a mosquito to put it as the Lotus sound lool

    Nice skies in this game, thats all i see in Iracing.

  • Sensekhmet

    It’s a ground effects car, the holy grail: the faster you go, the more donwforce you have, without the drag created by the wings. The downside is the car is very sensitive to ride height changes and if the ‘aero tunnel’ get closed, for example by bottoming out, you suddenly loose all that downforce… and you usually die.

  • aj_1986

    It sounds like a kazoo! :weird:

    Compare it to the sublime GP79 sounds… there’s no contest.

  • Stephen

    rofl the sounds are ridiculous πŸ˜†

  • Jos

    it has that typical iracing muskito sound πŸ˜›

    I would prefer the rfactor sounds too, allthough those are a bit disorted.

    but hey it’s not easy to recreate sounds from an old era.

  • Sensekhmet

    Actually, I think there are still quite a few DFV’s left running to record sound from.

  • jux

    That sound is recorded from the actual Lotus 79. To get a proper idea of the sound you really need to crank it very loud on a good sound system, but that Youtube clip has obvious compression issues, and I wouldn’t judge the sound based on that.

  • navalhawkeye

    They recorded it from an actual Lotus 79, so it must be semi close.

  • Stephen

    I just heared a DFV Cosworth (ok that wasn’t on a Lotus 79, but 81) last week end at Magny Cours, it was faaaar from “that” :tongue:

  • aj_1986

    Go to the Silverstone Classic in 10 days’ time, there’ll be whole fields of DFV-engined cars. I’ll be there. It’ll be awesome. And the cars won’t sound like scooters.

    Start this at 0:56

  • Diswanio

    Very cool vid!

    Why are racingcars referred to as “Baby”?
    Personally, i find that a bit weird? πŸ™„ …

  • Diswanio

    Scooters, hahaha! Nice one.. A vespa DFV, odd.. lol

  • Diswanio

    Looking Good!

  • Diswanio
  • Diswanio
  • Diswanio
  • Diswanio
  • Tim Wheatley (iRacing)

    Most of that recorded audio is not the car itself and is obviously not the way the car sounds in cockpit. iRacing doesn’t *yet* model the reverb and echo produced by trackside objects and the car (exhausts, etc) itself, which is what you’re actually listening to in the video.

    As has been stated many times, iRacing is an evolving product and you have to lay the right groundwork, with the right recordings, so that you get the right reaction when you plugin everything that works with the sound. Saying that though, with the right equipment, the in-cockpit experience is fairly accurate. Try turning down any of your Lotus videos to 10% and see how it sounds. Amazing what a difference the volume makes. πŸ™‚

  • Diswanio

    Dont get me wrong Tim, im hooked on iRacing!
    its easy b*tching about others hard work ino! :happyevil:
    Its your car (Lotus) isnt it Tim!

    Btw, how do you guys create/make recordings, on a Dyno?!

  • Tim Wheatley (iRacing)

    I wasn’t annoyed, hardly ever am these days, just pointing out. πŸ™‚

    Yes the driver in the official videos (on YT) was me. The 79 is fun under braking. πŸ˜‰

    It depends on the car and the access, not sure what was possible with the dyno. There’s a lot of work to do on the out of cockpit sounds with the sim, for sure, but we’re replicating being inside the helmet primarily, not on the rollbar behind a tv camera. πŸ™‚

  • Diswanio

    “replicating being inside the helmet”

    What, something like that Race.. Game?!
    I think, imo that the drivers-eye view is to high..
    Sitting in a real seat, you view is very very limited..
    just a bit over your wheel right?

    Imo you’re a Lucky-owner Tim, !
    Is it a Us car or imported from Europe?
    24th Silverstone Classics Live on MotorsTV

    Im brought up with Classic racing cars, love ‘m
    Im a proud reader of the Green Motorsport magazine!

  • GeraArg

    The Lotus can be enter a stall?

    In the setup options of iRacing, there is a section showing the changes in height of the chassis at different speeds?, if they have a correct simulation of the Lotus, this will be essential, since the difference in height between front and rear makes THE difference if that is not calculated correctly.

    I hope surprised when to release this car. πŸ˜‰

  • mike

    very nice seems to have lots of grip…

    just one thing open throttle and changing gears πŸ˜†

  • carbonfibre

    I’ll certainly take another look at iRacing if you make those sound improvements a reality. I wasn’t surprised with the results on both the videos posted here when I saw them, but it would have been irrelevant to comment on sound when it’s clear the majority of what iRacing fans prioritize isn’t the same as my list. πŸ˜‰

  • moppenheimer

    Diswanio: β€œreplicating being inside the helmet”
    What, something like that Race.. Game?!I think, imo that the drivers-eye view is to high..Sitting in a real seat, you view is very very limited..just a bit over your wheel right?
    Imo you’re a Lucky-owner Tim, !Is it a Us car or imported from Europe?24th Silverstone Classics Live on MotorsTV
    Im brought up with Classic racing cars, love β€˜mIm a proud reader of the Green Motorsport magazine!

    it depends on how tall you are, and the car they scanned is from the states