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iRacing – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Talks Sim Racing

iRacing – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Talks Sim Racing

PSR Radio’s The OpinionNation radio show had the chance to have an extensive interview with NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver talks about his experience with iRacing, how sim racing compares with the virtual world and shares his view on setups. If you´re looking to get some first-hand information from someone very much in the know, you don’t want to miss this 90 minute (!) interview.

Click the player below to tune in and visit PSR Radio for more of their iRacing-related radio shows.

  • Dave

    Great interview! As he states..he is not sponsored by iRacing nor do they pay him. He uses and races iRacing because he believes its the best sim out there..period. He is also running the iRacing logo on his car for free. Nice.

    How much would the real media need to pay to get him for 90 minutes?

  • Tifose

    rubbish!!! don’t believe everything you hear! this is coming from a man that drives around a Ring for a living

  • Montoya

    Ahh yes…since all NASCAR drivers are retards….and it takes a masters degree to drive a Formula One car… I forgot 🙄

  • Crazy Bored

    Lol I love comments!

  • JacobSharp

    Lol I don’t think Tifose meant to imply that NASCAR drivers are retards or F1 drivers have masters degree 😮 arh… oh it was u Montoya…right………………….. 🙄

  • Dave

    Tifose is a douche bag..I don’t listen to him.

  • navalhawkeye

    Tifose…he also happens to be a great road racer, too. He has driven the Corvette C5R’s to a 24 hours of Daytona Victory back in 2000, or 2001. And, yes, he was implying nascar (oval) drivers are retarded.

  • stabiz

    I for one dont believe that he will advertise like this for free.

  • Crazy Bored

    I don’t believe he would lie about the fact he’s not getting paid.

    I was very much not a fan of his for the past 7 years and now I’m kind of in shock not knowing what to think.

  • Tifose

    that’s write jacobSharp i never did say that or call names NASCAR is what i like to call at Home racing keep it in your country

    now what i call world wide Racing are……….>

    Touring car racing :sd:

  • Paul Kelly

    Junior has been sim racing for more than a decade. Doesn’t anyone remember a few years ago when he and Martin Truex Jr. hooked up in the draft in the high groove at Talladega when both were at DEI, and Junior told Truex on the radio to use the “Brian Ring” line, referring to the guru of dual-line NR 2003 tracks?

    It’s very possible that Junior is pimping iRacing without pay. He played the living hell out of Dave Kaemmer’s Papyrus NASCAR sims on a VERY trick, very expensive cockpit and wheel setup at his house. He has raced online against complete strangers and “regular folk” for years. He has raced in leagues for years. He created a racing sim league.

    This guy has been VERY passionate about sim racing for a long, long time.

  • Paul Kelly


    News flash: Sports cars are raced worldwide.

  • Tifose

    O so sorry i just lil behind news flash thanks again

  • navalhawkeye

    “this is coming from a man that drives around a Ring for a living”

    Umm…I’m pretty sure there is no way to deny that you were bashing oval racing. You are basically discrediting anyone that drives oval. So, just do everyone a favor and go away. You obviously aren’t capable of posting anything constructive, especially when it’s about iRacing.

  • MagicMan

    Trust me behind the scenes he gets a few $$$ and a kiss on the cheeks. :sd:

  • Ken

    My wife takes care of people we once referred to as “mentally retarded”. These wonderful people are now identified (by most people) as “mentally challenged”. Geez people, take a good look at your life and be thankful for all you have, and, understand things could be worse. The word ‘retarded’ is offensive!

  • Tifose

    Ken if you look at post 2 you will see who called names i never did say anyone was retarded nor did i mean it when i said he drive around a ring but hey let them talk lol

  • Sweiitconcorkill

    First of all, when someone says “trust me”, you should do anything BUT trust them. So, MagicMan has no idea about anything that goes on “behind the scenes.”

    Junior has been promoting the race sim community for years… for free. He has been an unpaid tester of various racing sims for years… for free. He has given his time and his support to multiple racing sim sites, teams, and products… for free. The guy has done more than any other real racecar driver in the world, when it comes to sim racing… and he has done it FOR FREE.

    Actually, that is not entirely true, he has spent a ton of money on sim racing and pretty much given away money to people and web sites he supported because he has such passion for sim racing. So, you can bash his sport… you can bash him if you like… but stop pretending that he is a paid spokesperson for iRacing.

  • Sweiitconcorkill


    Junior has been racing online longer than most of you. I first raced with him back in… oh, I think 1998 or 1999. He was on almost every night back then, racing on public servers with TJ Majors and some others.