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iRacing vs. rFactor – Silverstone Comparison

iRacing vs. rFactor – Silverstone Comparison

The guys over at have taken the time to compare’s famed laser-scanned track technology to rFactor – one of the most popular simulations around.

Below is the comparison video, showing a lap around the British Silverstone circuit. Can you spot the differences?

[youtube xdc6obs-01U nolink]

  • AMAjr455

    Wow, I say if this does anything, it will hurt iRacing. If you compare the cost of iRacing and quality compared to the cost of rFactor and quality, from this video, it’s a open and shut case.

    rFactor Wins $29.95 Own vs $14.99/month (more than $250US 1 Yr) and never own.

    Well, that’s MHO. What do you guys think?

    BTW, don’t forget the incredible mods rFactor has as well

  • Bjørn DK

    I’d go for rF for sure… iRacing is too expensive for me, but I’d like to try it for sure. I just think I’d get tired of the small selection of cars.

    It’s hard to say, because I haven’t tried iR, but I’ll stay with rF untill rF2 will arrive, hopefully!

  • DanielVE

    I play both, and tho the tracks on rfactor are very acurate design-wise, the feel on iracing is far superior… every minimal bump is there, and the FF is far superior also.. this combination is a killer. Rfactor track seems “flat”… just drive eastern creek (the regular one) than drive the laser scaned one, you will see what im talking about.. camber, every minor bump etc.
    At the end, even with the laser scaned, iracing is superior because of the incredible FF.
    Rfactor is good with real feel and leos, but not close to iracing IMHO.
    thoes the diference make it up for the price difference between them both???
    that depends on what you looking for.. for me it does… but i can understand that for a lot of ppl isnt enough diference to justify the price

  • Crazy Bored

    This track layout is made by ISI. The vast majority of rF’s tracks are not. rF created this incredible hate for Laguna Seca in me and I never understood why people liked it until I ran it in iRacing. While many tracks in rF are this good (Or better like Birmingham) the main thing I notice is attention to detail. There is very little in rF compared to a lot in iR and these details add up to something. However not everyone will pay for this something because small details just don’t matter to some people, and that’s fine. If anything they are just lucky they are happy with the cheap option, lol.

    By the way it’s $13.00 a month, $156 a year. Along with what you buy of course as everyone knows. I also paid something close to $50 Canadian for rF. However it was worth many times that to me and the two years I spent driving it every day were incredible. I just think iR took it a couple steps up and I am willing to pay for that increase in quality.

    As far as getting tired of the cars.. it was my biggest worry. But I realized hey, I race the very same kart on some weekends, and 5 years later I am not at all tired of something with only 10hp… The Solstice is faster and the Radical/Formula Mazda blow my mind. I find it’s a lot easier to appreciate iRacing and it’s costs if you compare it to real life, which is comes closer to than any sim yet, I believe. $250 for a set of kart tires compared to $156 a year is what I often thing about. I get a couple real life races for $250, and I get a year of realistic, but not real, races for $156. It was a very easy choice for me on whether I wanted to get into iR, but that is exactly what it is, a choice. If you don’t want it, great, enjoy something else and be happy. If you do, the option is there, and I usually don’t see any reason to complain about more options.

  • GTEvo

    lol..for sure iRacing looks very nice..but if they really want to compare whats real or not real..then please compare with Simbins Tracks.

    rFactor Orig Tracks are all far from realistics Modelling !
    Curbmodeling..the excact Wide Ambiente eich is enabeld in all Standard Simbin Track is totaly diffrent and not right spotted.
    Always if i see the horibble Areas near or behind Curbs at Orig Isi Tracks..i went out from Southhamton Track..Brianza..Jiading..etc.
    Only at this not Official Names you can “See” the Diffrent..”No Licens..No realistic Trackmodelling”..only in privates Work in Accosiations with the Track”Owner” its possible to get a reallistic Laserpointed Track, when its not Simbin/Blimey.

    IRacing looks really great..but if they want a right Compare..then rFactor in Orig Style is not the ideal Benchmark ! On a Scale from 1- 10(10 is Best) rfactor Tracks are getting Max a 5..better a 4..and Simbins Tracks a 9(GTL&GTR2) and a 10 in RACE07 ! For sure..Virtuas Moddeling..Afdelta…and some new Tracks as( Thermalito…Eastern Creek..Mainfeild)..these Tracks much more accurater und more reallistic moddeld too…then rF !

    Trackmodddeling by Isi is far away from an actuall and modern TopStandard !


  • unklepepper

    Well I am happy with rF + GTR2 & both there future replacements I am sure will be great. As most of my racing is offline due to lack of time, iracing is not for me. Id love to try it but GTREvo will only be a few quid more for keeps, not a month! Possibly in the future tho. Many free mod team tracks are equal to ‘pro’ tracks & im sure FF in current games can improve more so im not sold… yet!

  • Ryan Gilmore

    You right comparison with rFactor isn’t the best place. Why? Not because ‘they cant model’. The F1 tracks that was released with v1150 of rFactor AND Brianza and Jiading that was released a few months after were all done in 3-4weeks. And unlike Simbin and iRacing, they wasn’t able to get to the tracks. It was all done with whatever resources they could find on the internet. 3-4weeks to do a track and sometimes having to work on another track at the same time due to the short time period they had was pretty great. Sure some of them weren’t done to the best of detail.

    All you have to do is look at Euroring, that track had a few months or more to work on and I don’t know if they was able to get to the track but it was with an official licence for the track so they was able to acheive better results. And it shows, although the track is quite small for most mods it is one of the best tracks in rFactor.

    Considering that rFactor and GTR2 are 2-3years old now, they will show their age. I’m sure once Piddy is ready to encoporate his research project of Laser Scanning for the ISI engine and some people are able to get there hands on Laser Scanning Equipment fit to do the job we will see more and more of the technology that iRacing brought into SimWorld in Simbins and ISI’s future titles AND current titles.

    Anyway, I’m still struggling to get iRacing to run so I haven’t been able to test the game. But their work is truely exceptional and I wasn’t expecting anything less from the creators of NR2003.

  • austin

    rfactor has been out since 04-05 right??? Still looks good today.. hands down.. Being that the developers where not tied with any official product licensing and pure fictional cars it is still pretty impressive in my opinion

  • Ryan Gilmore

    was released August 31st 2005 if I got my numbers right.

  • Anonymous

    lets see maybe 100 guys racing 60 different rFactor mods with maybe 8 people in a server or over 120 registered for one type of car in iRacing?

    Hmm..I guess I will stick with one in which I get good, clean, hard racing competition regardless of who makes it. For me its iRacing. I have great races each time out. rFactor..nope.

    I really chuckle at some of the lame ass comments made by the ISI fanboys. Here’s to waiting for rFactor2 or 3 or 4. Awesome idea.

  • stabiz

    It seems iRacing is ridding the simracing community of some of the less likeable personalities.

  • Dave

    Might be true. The true racers seem to be willing to pay for good content and the “hold on to the past” people who don’t want change seem to be all together.

    Seems good to me.

  • Tifose

    Again i say this who in there write mind will pay all that money to play this game? just crazy anyway the sure know how to milk money.

    After playing this game for 15mins i get bored it’s a great game in noway is it better then rfactor or GTR but it’s up there with them but the price of this game just make’s me hate it and the makers what a pack of ripoff

  • Diswanio

    Iracing is so much better than rFactor! physics are way way better! And only For just a Few Lousy Dollars a month…

  • The Lonely

    The best in rFactor can match iracing. It’s just the best in rFactor is maybe 1 or 2 tracks and 1 or 2 cars.

    And when I say best, I don’t mean just visually. I mean track surface too, which there are less than a handful of tracks that have a track surface of top quality.

  • anonymouse

    rFactor vs iRacing = rFactor
    LFS vs RBR = LFS
    rFactor vs LFS = ?

  • jimmy

    If you can afford ‘a Few Lousy Dollars a month’ well fine, good for you. But for many that is not an option or for others they simply dont feel its worth it. So iracing ‘fanboys’ dont piss on people with different opinions please! Personally id love to try it but simply cant afford to so I shall continue having fantastic racing thanks to isi & simbin & look again at iracing when rF 2 & simbins lizard engine is on pc.

  • Paul Kelly

    Was there a fee to watch the iRacing portion of the SRT video above? 🙂

  • Jiggaman

    rFactor vs iRacing = rFactor
    LFS vs RBR = LFS
    rFactor vs LFS = ?

    I don’t think you have played Iracing yet have you?

  • StefanDK

    Well I sure would like to give iRacing a try. Are there a demo or something where you don’t have to pour out your heart… Oh, sorry, money … to get to a track and starting judging for oneself?

    I mean: I like serious and equal competition and I don’t find that in the normal online races of GTR2 or rFactor. However, I might not be willing to pay that much money each month. If I got a free trial for some days, weeks, hours or just an offline-experience then I might actually want to use my hard-earned money…

  • Anonymous

    Im with Jiggaman! But if you can’t afford it, shame cause it’s damn good! But stop you’re winning over payments!

  • Anonymous

    Ask you’re mom or dad, i recon you still live there

  • F1Racer

    phew that was an annoying video to watch with all those stoppages. Would’ve preferred the screen comparisons to have been seperate.
    Anyway for me its clear rFactor wins in the looks department.
    Not having sampled iRacing (did an Apple employee come up with that name btw?), I cannot judge the feel or ffb from the track but Im guessing iRacing’s should be more accurate as its laser-scanned.
    If rFactors track was laser-scanned I think rF would walk it, right now, all things considered this is probably close-on a draw (assuming iRacings ffb and track feedback is all its cracked up to be).

  • ermax18

    I have had a sub for two months but haven’t had time to play. I have a real life that keeps me busy and I am in a league that runs the HistorX mod that eats all my free time. I am very impressed with the physics in iRacing and the FFB but I don’t feel they are mind blowing like everyone want to make it out to be. I have WAY more fun racing in my league then I do in organized pickup races. I was going to drop my sub but decided I would hold on to it until I had more free time. So I have blown $40 bucks on it so far and haven’t even spent any time with it. If I wasn’t in a league I would probably say iRacing wins. The thing is rF2 could implement a bunch of the things iRacing does like lap time DB and SR.

  • me

    Totally simpel:

    iSilverstone looks cheaper… RSilverstone IS Cheaper.


  • Tifose

    people why are you all fighting over the price? is there any game on pc that’s not crack? if so plz share i love the challenge we will all be playing it when the full thing hits the market.

    if you like the Free iRacing you can buy it lol!!!

  • Paulie Walnuts

    The stuck up “Few Lousy Dollars a month” brigade are welcome to iRental and their extortionate pricing.
    When you read the RSC iRental forum and see wankers like a bloke called Cliff posting insults to anybody who dares disagree with him about iRental, you realise that you dont want to be part of this community anyway, regardless of the price.

  • navalhawkeye

    iRacing can’t be cracked. It’s not possible.

  • Ramjet

    Well, as someone aready said, rFactor has been out for 3-4 years now and still does the jobb better than most of the competition. iRacing will not be successful due to the pay to play fact. I think Blizzards idea will not work on a our small community ´that is simracing. Sure some will cough up the money, but I´d say it will fail..

  • Bruno-F1

    The RFactor version looks much better. The IRacing track reminds me of GP3 graphics.

  • Montoya

    No Warez/Piracy talk of any kind here please! ❗

  • Anonymous

    2008 is the 5th year for rFactor… MP test demo came out in 2004.
    The horizon line is much higher in iR, according to this video comparison. I think I can feel the track better this way.

  • anonymouse

    sure iRacing was like rF 1.5 with improved phisics and ffb. However There are many thing iRacing doesnt have like realtime weather, realtime damage etc. for me rfactor is more than enough, i’ve seen 97% gamers in my country prefer to choose NFS series or GRID, they thought GRID has the best graphics and physics ever

  • Tony

    I have tried iRacing … and it is fantastic, but no way am I paying for it monthly … I am ready to buy any sim that comes out but I want to own it …. play when I can with who I want… some of us have jobs and familys, and a monthly sub would be a waste of money.

    If iRacing would release a off the shelve version … I would buy it in a minute … hint hint iracing …!!!!!!!!!

    my 2 cents

  • ermax18

    Maybe they could let you buy blocks of track time. Then when I am busy and can’t race I don’t feel like I am paying a sub that never gets used.

  • Neidryder

    The problem for me on iRacing is not the montly fee, it’s the monthly fee AND the fee for the content! Imo one of both would work quite good but both together is just working for freaks. I don’t have enough time to play for that money. Next thing is, it’s coded for real race drivers as training simulator, so it *must* be quite real as Dale Earnhardt,Jr and other real Race Drivers train with it. That’s a fact which makes iRacing much better physicalwise than rFactor. But for me, rFactor is my choice, because it’s modable 😛 :mrgreen:

  • Temp

    All the players who will pay for it will see (or wont). Calculate all the costs together and you will shoot iR to hell. THIS Game is real, blah real, blah blah real! BLAH. and iRacing 2 is more real then? o.k.

  • Diswanio


  • hate iracing


    stuck up twat

  • Scott

    haha, hate iracing lol. Prob not even tried it yet (Due to low cost), so gay.. 😆 😆

  • Scott

    Diswanio, im with u dude lol 🙄

  • Crazy Bored

    Change really brings out the worst in a lot of people sometimes.

  • Jiggaman


    stuck up twat

    Pocket money not enough for Iracing? go and ask your mummy.

  • Anonymous

    I personally do not like the price of iracing. However from what I’ve heard from my fellow gpl’ers, they feel there is little difference between gpl and iracing. However they have praised the FF and quality of the track. but as for physics some people still prefer GPL over iRacing. iRacing will appeal to the racers who think sim racing is real life even tho it will never be if that’s what iRacing are attempting. I’m interested in iRacing however the pricing is a deterrent.

    As for hacking iRacing, watch out David Kaemmer is notorious for sue’ing people. He was jealous of redline’s GTP mod for nascar 2003 which totally rocked so he made redline strip it down.