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iRacing TV Episode 11 Shows Off New Content has released a new episode of their iRacingTV show, giving us a first look at several new content items including Oulton Park. has released a new episode of their iRacingTV show, giving us a first look at several new content items that are due to join the online racing simulation soon.

The episode includes first footage of Oulton Park, the third British track to make it into iRacing. We also get to see first gameplay footage of the Kentucky Speedway and the Japanese Twin Ring Motegi as well as a first look at the scan-data of the rescanned Daytona International Speedway.

Furthermore, the episode also shows off some other new features such as animated driver arms, pit lane objects and track animations. You can watch the episode below, the previews of the new content start at the 16-minute mark.

  • Undastir Pushin

    Another good step for the sim in the graphics.

    • Anonymous

      i cant see any graphical step foward in this video.
      i only know iRacing from Videos..and i cant see any innovated visualations.
      Driver Arms looks same wrong setted as in most Mods.
      Wrong Fovsetting.

      Nope, really i cant see any “step foward” Understeer^^

      • Anonymous

        Step forward from the current build, not necessarily better than every other racing game. Big one is war wagons and tents on pit road, previously conspicuously missing.

  • Nathan Robinson

    As nice as it is to see Mr. Power talking up sim racing, i really doubt he spends a lot of time on it. He probably spends most of his free time nailing super models. I think real drivers respect what iracing has done but they still look at it as a game, where some sim racers think it’s so real that they could actually race a real car hahaha. Like Will said, he does it for fun 🙂 Nice episode though, lots of good stuff in there especially when I havent signed into iracing for a couple weeks now. It starts to feel stale after a while. Maybe some trackside life would help that out.

  • Marcus Caton

    Very Nice Episode. Odd they don’t mention the NTM at all.

  • Chris Considine

    There is AI in those videos 🙂  

  • Julien Apruzzese

    Very very good !!!!
    All the rest of the new build will be announced this night or tomorrow, with NTM infos 😉
    Driver animation is at its first step and look spot on.