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iRacing LMP1 Cars Release Date Revealed

iRacing’s Excecutive Vice President Steve Myers has revealed the planned release date of the simulation’s much-anticipated LMP1 cars on Twitter.

As confirmed on the social network, Porsche & Audi’s LMP1 challengers will be coming to the online racing subscription service with the March build release:

iRacers will be getting their hands on virtual versions of Porsche’s 919 Hybrid Le Mans winner and one of it’s fiercest rivals, the Diesel-powered Audi R18.

Featuring complex Hybrid systems, these cars are considered to be the most technically-advanced race cars ever built (including Formula One) and as such creating proper simulated versions of these machines is quite challenging task. iRacing’s mission to create realistic LMP1 cars was probably made easier by the fact that both Audi and Porsche have pulled out of World Endurance Championship competition right now, removing some of the red tape that usually surrounds such state of the art machinery (note how Toyota, the sole manufacturer still racing in the WEC is not part of the release).