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iRacing Hits 3 Billion Lap Mark

iRacing has announced that the simulation has hit the milestone of three billion laps recorded in the simulation, equalling a distance of 4,601,734,862 miles recorded by the players.

Even considering the fact that a lot of iRacing’s competition is oval-based which leads to more laps being recorded than say, racing on the Nordschleife, this is an impressive testament to how far the service has come.

I still remember covering iRacing’s initial launch on VirtualR back when the simulation launched with a limited portfolio of cars & tracks in August 2008. Back then, many of iRacing’s features such as laser-scanning tracks, driver ratings & officially-sanctioned online competition sounded foreign and exotic.

12 years later, many of these features have become a de-facto industry standard as iRacing’s story mirrors how far sim racing as a whole has come in the last decade on its way to being a legitimate eSport that is respected in the racing world.

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