iRacing – Ford Gen6 NASCAR Available

Eight days after the release of the Chevrolet Gen6 NASCAR Sprint Cup Car, iRacing has added the Ford version of the car.

The new addition allows iRacers to experience the 100-year old battle between the two American car makers, the car features iRacing’s new sound model just like the Chevrolet counterpart.

With Chevrolet and Ford both available, iRacing is currently working on signing Toyota to complete the virtual NASCAR Sprint Cup lineup within iRacing.

  • Matt Orr

    I’m certainly not a Ford guy, but it looks 10x better than the SS.

  • Anonymous

    On the streets the SS will eat a Fusion for breakfast. Honestly is there anything more ridiculous than using the looks of a front wheel drive in Nascar, Fusion/Camry so fake.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, the SS isn’t available with a manual transmission in the states either. Welcome to silhouette racing. There is no V8 Z4 like in GT3 either.

      • Anonymous

        It will have paddles and a huge V8, 0-60 like 5.x seconds.

      • Anonymous

        Paddle shift, just like NASCAR! 😉

      • Anonymous

        At least power is to the rear and the engine points the right way, and wont be sold to grannies.

      • Anonymous

        A modern NASCAR stock car has zero relation to its roadgoing counterpart, don’t pretend that’s the case for any of these cars. These are silhouettes, not even a modern GT which at least started with the stock frame and engine.

      • Anonymous

        Except that is not what Nascar wants you to believe, hence the reason for Gen6

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but that’s not what V8SC and DTM want us to believe either. Doesn’t mean it’s true 😉

        It’s just improved badging. The cars need to look like a Ford or Chevy, and being able to put the characteristic design elements (grille, lights, bumpers, etc) into the car is what they want. If they wanted to develop the base car for competition, they would already be racing GTs instead. The actual nameplate is secondary, just so the car has a name.

  • Richard

    Turn left turn left turn left ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    •ørensen/100000834833894 Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

      much more complex than that, but me ride GEN 6 car looks awesome 🙂

    • Big Ron

      People with such a prejudice mostly don´t survive two laps in an oval.

      • John Karagiannis

        …apparently they fall asleep in the process 😉

    • Philip Samuelson

      Those who think NASCAR is just turning left generally don’t know how to keep the car out of the wall. Oh yeah, that’ll put you to sleep.

    • daz

      Not gonna get you far when running in the race at Watkins Glen, lol.

      • Anonymous

        Turn right, turn right, turn right, turn right 🙂

  • Philip Samuelson

    I’ll definitely give them credit, it looks beautiful! I’m an offline racer though, no desire to race online at all after many of the experiences I’ve had. Wish that had an offline mode where I could run a championship, I’d totally be in!


  • Den Burnout

    Didn’t Chrysler go back into NASCAR a few years ago? Are they still there? Or gone again?

    • Dave Ellis

      Dodge produced a car for this year but nobody bought it.

      • Den Burnout

        Thanks man. So NASCAR reflecting the production car in this case! HAHA!

  • Anonymous

    After a lengthy and exhaustive investigation by iRacing, we regret to announce that we discovered a widespread cheating scandal within iRacing. The cheating is specific to drivers of the new Ford Fusion Gen6 NASCAR Sprint Cup cars. After numerous reports of suspected cheating, it was discovered that iRacing engineer Eric Hudec – a longtime Ford fan – intentionally modified the code related to engine horsepower on the Ford Fusion, thereby giving Ford drivers an additional 15bhp.
    While we didn’t find specific evidence proving that members who have raced the Ford Fusion knew about the ‘enhancement’, we also did not find conclusive evidence that they didn’t know about it, so in the interest of fairness the iRacing review board has decided to suspend all member accounts that have competed in an official race session in the Ford Fusion. The suspensions will vary in length based on the number of races the individual has completed and range from 1 – 6 weeks. In addition to the suspension, any championship points earned in a Ford Fusion will be forfeited. All those affected by this ruling will receive and email notifying them of their specific penalty.
    Due to the large number of penalties; iRacing will not be considering appeals on this matter.
    Eric has been terminated from his position and iRacing is searching for a new vehicle dynamics engineer.

    • Anonymous

      Does not seem fair to take this out on your members

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