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iRacing & Dallara To Debut iR-01 Open Wheeler

Joining forces with world-reknown chassis maker Dallara, iRacing has unveiled the newest and very different addition to their vehicle lineup: The Dallara iR-01 open wheeler.

Unlike the other cars available in iRacing, the iR-01 isn’t a painstakingly laser-scanned virtual replica of a real life car but rather a fictional take on a modern open wheeler.

Weighing just 600 kg, the iR-01 is powered by a naturally aspirated 3.0-liter V10 engine providing 900 horsepower. Using limited electronics to aid drivers, the car is aimed to be both accessible for new drivers while providing a challenge for pros to master.

“Our partnership with Dallara to bring the Dallara iR-01 to iRacing has been unlike any other project we’ve ever undertaken,” said iRacing executive producer Steve Myers. “With a clean sheet in front of us, we challenged ourselves to build the ultimate open-wheel racecar to bring to our users. The result is an exciting blend of the past, present, and future of grand prix racing that is thrilling to drive and produces incredible on-track battles.”

The Dallara iR-01 will be made available for iRacing members with the 2021 Season 1 build, check out the video above for more information on the project.

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