– Tony Gardner Video Interview

The guys over at had the chance to video-interview Tony Gardner, iRacing president.

In the interview, Shaun & Tony discuss various iRacing-related topics including upcoming tracks, four-wheel cars and even iRacing on future consoles!

  • Anonymous

    “four-wheel cars”

    Man, I knew iRacing was behind on development, but they’re just NOW getting four wheels on the cars!?


  • Anonymous

    I won’t say anything about Tony’s credentials but wonder if the passion is there for Sim Racing or is it just a job running a company. I would say like a Dave Kaemmer being the passion driven one. I only make example of this as to where SimBin is concerned with the possible differences between Klaus W and Henrik R. and the felt changes that have gone on there.

    • Anonymous

      That’s an interesting perspective. I wonder if CEO is the kind of job we want/need a true enthusiast in. Primary developers should absolutely be committed. Those doing license acquisition and PR as well.

      I’m not so certain that the business types necessarily provide a huge benefit by being enthusiasts of the product before taking the job. I think there’s a point where talent becomes more important for hiring decisions than being a sim racer.

      • Anonymous

        I think we need more than just dollars and cents guys at the top of our industry. While when hired Tony was probably totally green with concerns to sim racing I am sure he has taken on enough of a professional interest to do his job but does he truly understand the heart of a Sim Racer and to me yes I do think that makes a difference.

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