- Sim Racing News – Ruf Video Sneak Peeks

iRacing has put a sneak preview of the upcoming Ruf sports cars into their newest video trailer. has released a new video trailer of their online racing simulation, sneaking some short video footage of the upcoming Ruf sports car into it.

The Ruf sports cars make an appearance at the 0:30 second mark as well as at 1:35 in the video below.

Founded by Alois Ruf in 1938, RUF is a German car manufacturer. The company is best known for building cars that are based on Porsche models, since RUF is building their own branded cars and is registered as manufacturer instead of being a mere tuner, game companies can license their cars separately from Porsche.

  • Dustin Dawes

    They’re gonna release the car as a “Tech Preview”. This means that there won’t be an outside shell, it’ll only be polys and the car won’t have tyres.

    • stabiz

      Your personality seems to be pre-alpha.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t buy it even for 5$ that’s a sure thing.

      • Anonymous

        It’s Dustins sense of humour…

    • Anonymous



    • Hompe

      iRacing Joke alpha 0.1

  • Roger Wallentin

    Cool! It sounds really nice too!!

    Cant wait to compare this to my Porsche! The rear engine layout does give the car a very unique feeling in balance. Even though its very well balanced, especially from the 997 models, you do feel the forces to pull you back in line when over-steering are different and more neutral (it likes to stay sideways :)) compared to a front or even mid engine.

  • Zoltan